Posted on August 23, 2022 at 1:32 am

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Percy and Delnaaz Irani want to do a reality show together!

Percy and Delnaaz Irani are one happy couple in the industry. Both of them have been a strong support to each other over the years.


Photo Courtesy by Delnaaz Irani PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Delnaaz Irani PR Team



Percy, who is a professional in a different industry, is a huge fan of Delnaaz’s craft. He says,

”Delnaaz is a fabulous actor and she can do all possible roles. I’m not being biased because she is my girlfriend. I haven’t seen such a good actor and performer on stage or on television.I make sure I don’t miss any of her work. If I do, I definitely watch it on OTT. I love to see her on stage as her vibes on stage are very different.”

So do you also share your feedback with her?

“I am probably her biggest critic and she takes my feedback in the right spirit.”

So would you like to act with her in a TV show? Percy shares,

“I did get a great opportunity to work with her on stage in a play titled Powerful Couple. Given a chance to act with her on television, I will definitely take it up. She is very supportive and I’m sure she will be my mentor.”


And what about a reality show like Bigg Boss?

“I would love to do a reality show with her. We have done one show called Power Couple. I would love to do another couple-based reality show. When you do a show with your partner you come to know their strengths and weaknesses. You get to bond in the show and you get closer as a couple.”

On the other hand, Delnaaz also shares her take on getting united with Percy on screen.

“I would say Percy is a chupa rustam. When I shared the stage with him for a play, he was very raw and nervous. He played my ex-husband there. But when he performed, we were all surprised to see his confidence and skills on stage. Believe you me, it will be challenging to act with him. He is not an actor but his style of acting is very subtle. His sense of humour is the best and that I realized when we started doing reels together. He is also extremely competitive.”

She also adds,

” While doing the reality show Power Couple way back in 2016 he was actually better than me. As a couple, I would say we are a powerhouse. With my experience and his raw flavour, we were a unique team. As a couple, we know our strengths and weaknesses. So whether it is a show like Bigg Boss or any other reality show like Nach Baliye or maybe a new show which is couple based, I feel we will do well. Being a couple in a show will be our strength. We will entertain the audience in a good way. I am saying this with confidence because in a 30-second reel we engage our audience on social media. We all know in a reality show we will be tested for our emotional strength and understanding of each other.”



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