Posted on August 18, 2022 at 9:58 am

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Mohit Malik talks about his latest stunt on Khatron Ke Khiladi 12

What can we say about Mohit Malik these days, apart from drooling over how amazingly he has been performing his stunts in Khatron Ke Khiladi 12?

Photo Courtesy from Mohit Malik PR Team
Photo Courtesy from Mohit Malik PR Team

The actor has rightfully progressed in the show by conquering his fears time and again, most importantly that of being at a height. And while Mohit’s latest stunt did not require him to be suspended very high up above ground level, it did involve a considerable amount of height, combined with other factors like 2 trucks, a tight role, flags, speed and Rohit Shetty. And what’s more… Mohit won the stunt and lots of applause too.

Says Mohit,

“This was a very very important stunt for me, a very difficult one, very challenging. I think this was one of the key stunts on the road to winning Khatron Ke Khiladi 12. And I am so glad that I not only completed it, but also won it.”
The stunt is question involved Mohit walking over a tight rope tied between two trucks, all the while collecting flags attached to the rope. The kicker here was that the trucks were obviously driven in speed, not parallel to one another and on an uneven road, making it difficult to balance.

Recalling the stunt, Mohit revealed,

“What really helped me was that Rohit Sir was on one of the trucks. He was there, guiding me in his own way, telling me what not to do so that I don’t end up falling. He was there for the entire duration of the stunt, encouraging me. What also helped me along with Rohit Sir’s advice was my habit of focusing on my breath, centring myself and then doing the stunt. You have to be focussed as you do not have any other option. And my way of staying focused, was to focus on my breath and calm myself. That is the way that I have performed all of my KKK12 stunts so far and gotten to the position that I am today, in the competition.”
Photo Courtesy from Mohit Malik PR Team
Photo Courtesy from Mohit Malik PR Team
“I remember after the stunt was completed, I told Rohit Sir that as actors, we are taught to be to be relaxed and then proceed with our scenes. We also have to be in the moment of the scene to feel it and emote. And that was what I did here too. That’s how I completed this stunt- by being in the moment and focusing on my breath. It was a very difficult stunt and I surprised myself by not just completing it but also winning it. This will definitely make it to my list of favourite KKK stunt,” Mohit concluded.
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