Posted on August 14, 2022 at 4:22 am

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Independence Day: Celebrities on what independence means to them and more

India is all set to celebrate 75 years of independence on August 15 this year. It is one of the most significant days in the life of every Indian.

Photo Courtesy by PR Team Golecha
Photo Courtesy by PR Team Golecha


On this note, celebrities talk about what Independence Day means to them. They also talk about their favourite freedom fighter, patriotic song and patriotic film. Read on:

Ashoka Thakur 

There’s not only one significance of Independence Day, there are a lot. The most important is that we are living in a Free India today and nothing is more important than that. If we were not independent today also, the britishers would have been ruling us till date, they would command us. Democratic India is a happy feeling. It can never be explained in words. It feels like being prisoned in a cage. To obey them at every turn. Today, India being a democratic country we have the right to choose, speak, speech. We all got this after 15th August 1957. My favorite freedom fighter is Mahatma Gandhi because he is very different from others. I feel his thoughts and my thoughts are quite the same. Even after Ahimsa, lathi charge, and so much tolerance to stay firm and fight for our country It’s not easy for everyone to do this. His thoughts really inspire me a lot. My favorite song is ‘Ae Mere Watan Ke Logo’ and my favorite movie is URI: The surgical strike.

Amal Sehrawat

Independence means rebirth of my country. We are living our life happily because of our freedom fighters. It is significant for me because it gives me a sense of Pride. I feel very proud when I realise, our India was under British rule for so many years, with the help of the freedom fighters and the leaders we are living our lives freely. My favourite freedom fighter is  Bhagat Singh. I love Manoj Kumar‘s patriotic films. My favourite patriotic song is “Mera Rang De Basanti Chola”.

Manish Naggdev

Independence means living one as wants to. Daily I get fresh air and live in a good environment that is Independence to me. I am grateful to the freedom fighters as well as the soldiers who do their duty at the border. My favourite patriotic film is “Kesari” and my favourite song is ” Sandese Aate Hai” from the film Border.

Nyrraa M Banerji

Independence is doing what you want to do on your own terms. I believe in living in the present. My favourite patriotic film is “Gold” and my favourite patriotic song is “Teri Mitti” from the film “Kesari”.

Vijay Kalvani

The day means everything to me. I am who I am and I can do whatever I want to do because I am a part of this amazing and independent country. I think not only for me but for every Indian the significance is that our very identity is because of the independence we enjoy today. This is one of the most difficult questions I have ever faced because whenever I think about our freedom fighters, I immediately get the thought of all those who have never been named in our history books. Imagine what the Satyagraha Movement would have been without Gandhi’s (Mahatma Gandhi) followers. I do acknowledge the leadership of our freedom fighters but without anyone following them for the cause, could we have achieved our independence? So for me that entire generation is my hero. ‘Ae mere pyare watan, ae mere bichre chaman’ is my favourite patriotic song and choosing the film is a difficult job but the most recent one is Shershaah.

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