Posted on August 24, 2022 at 8:04 am

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Hiten Tejwani praises Swaran Ghar for its uniqueness and relatability

Hiten Tejwani as Arjun Deol in Swaran Ghar has stolen hearts of the audience. The actor is a new entry in the show that is being produced by Dreamiyata Entertainment, owned by actor couple Ravii Dubey and Sargun Mehta.


Photo Courtesy by Hiten Tejwani PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Hiten Tejwani PR Team


Hiten is enjoying being a part of the show and is all praises for the team. He begins by praising the title of the show.
  “As it suggests it’s Swaran’s house and metaphorically it’s the house of someone who has a golden heart. So, I think it’s an apt title. What I also like is that the content of the show is different and relatable, especially the way it deals with different relationships. It’s shot in real locations mostly and deals with real situations,” he says.
Arjun Deol is as practical as Hiten is in real life.
“He is basically very down-to-earth which is something I can also relate to. Arjun has many shades to him that I enjoy exploring,” he adds.
The show is high on emotion and drama with regards to interpersonal relationships in the family.
“Every family has its ups and downs and a lot of emotion and drama. The situation is the same with the Bedi and other families shown in the show. All the relationships here are explored, which is what really happens with us in real life too,” he says.
Many feel that the current generations deal very differently with their parents unlike how it used to be earlier.
“I think this generation is very independent and that’s why they want to deal with everything themselves. But all said and done the line between the current and previous generations in the way they deal with their parents is fading. Parents are important to all of us and think most people understand that irrespective of what generation they belong to. Those who don’t, they need to learn,” he shares.
Stories based on parent-children relationship is an evergreen topic on the tube.
“Every family is different. So definitely the way they deal or live or are in life are interesting and makes for different experiences and narratives. The values which are inculcated or taught to children, how they steer away from that or how they balance it in life, that’s always interesting,” adds the actor.
About his experience of collaborating with Dreamiyata Entertainment for the first time, Hiten says,
“It’s lovely working with the team. They really take good care of us here [in Chandigarh]. I am really happy for Ravii and Sargun, and the kind of work they are doing. They are good actors and beautiful human beings and that is something that everyone knows. They are good producers too. It’s amazing how they are multitasking (smiles).”
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