Posted on August 11, 2022 at 1:55 am

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Delnaaz Irani: My bond with Bhaktyaar is more like ‘bhidu’ types!

Her brothers mean the world to actress Delnaaz Irani, who says that every Raksha Bandhan is special and meaningful.


Photo Courtesy by Delnaaz Irani PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Delnaaz Irani PR Team


This year, while the actress will meet her brother actor Bhaktyaar Irani, she will soon be travelling to London to meet her elder brother Paurus as well.

“Every year, my brother comes home with his family and we celebrate Raksha Bandhan. We are together throughout the day; we have lunch and dinner together and it’s a complete family scene. This year also Bhaktyaar will come with his family. My elder brother, Paurus, is in London and hopefully later this year soon I’ll be going there to visit and hoping to celebrate Raksha bandhan there too. I am looking forward to meeting both my brothers very soon,” she says.

Talking about the significance of the festival, Delnaaz says,

“We are a close-knit family, my parents and my brothers. We’ve always been there for each other. I am the only sister and I was always protected, both my brothers were very protective and were always around me everywhere. It’s a blessing to have brothers around you because you are always loved, cared for. We are more of friends now and share a great bond. To me Raksha Bandhan is a very special festival where the brother-sister bond gets stronger year by year,” she says.

Her bond with her brothers is unique, says the actress, adding,

“My bond with my brothers is very special. Even with my Rakhi brothers and cousins, I share a special relationship and I always remember them on Raksha Bandhan and pray for my brothers. My elder brother is more like a father figure to me and my bond with Bhaktyaar is more like ‘bhidu’ types. I am his elder sister but he will always boss over me and say such things that people around us would get confused about who’s elder and who’s younger. It’s always fun to be around both my brothers and feels so special.”

Ask her what is the best part of her relationship with both her brothers, she says,

“Paurus, my elder brother, is a doctor. He has always been like a father to us, even when our father was with us, he used to mentor us, help us, bail us out from problems. He was a mentor to us, when my dad passed away and he now is absolutely like a father. We all are independent now, my brothers have a family and I have my partner Percy. But the brother-sister bond has never faded. Paurus has been that special person to us who is always there with us. The love and respect we have for Paurus is always going to be there and it’s very special. The special thing about Bhaktyaar is that he will be there with you whenever you need him. To sum it up, I have got two best friends in my brothers. I am very emotionally dependent on my siblings. I am a very strong person and have lived life on my own terms but yes my family has always been my emotional support and I can vouch that I am nothing without my family.”


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