Posted on August 22, 2022 at 7:53 am

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Anupamaa’s Sagar Parekh: More than my looks I believe and focus on my craft as an actor

An actor has to look a certain way to meet the stereotypes associated with the profession. However, Sagar Parekh, who plays the new Samar (he replaced Paras Kalnawat) in Rajan Shahi’s Anupamaa, always gives precedence to acting.

Photo Courtesy by Sagar Parekh PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Sagar Parekh PR Team


Talent supersedes all is something he has always endorsed. But one can’t stop talking about his good looks. He says,

“My chocolate-boy looks often draws attention but I have never been a fan of my looks. More than my looks I believe and focus on my craft as an actor. I work on  improving myself with every scene. Everything else is secondary. Of course, personality comes into account, especially when you are a part of the acting industry. So, if people feel that I am good-looking, it adds to my confidence. I am fine with whatever tags come my way – chocolate boy or handsome.”

The actor who is happy with the way his career has shaped up credits it all to his hard work. He adds,

“My learnings from my own career is just to believe in your craft even during adverse circumstances. There will be haters but you will find supporters, too. You have to believe in yourself first before you try to convince others to believe in you. I practise believing in myself and that’s what I tell others to do.”


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