Posted on August 12, 2022 at 8:30 am

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Anuj Sachdeva shares his thoughts this International Youth Day!

International Youth Day on August 12 brings issues faced by the young minds of the world. It also highlights the potential of youth as change-makers of the future. Actor Anuj Sachdeva talks about the day and the importance of the right education, encouragement, and motivation that the youth require to flourish.


Photo Courtesy by Anuj Sachdeva PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Anuj Sachdeva PR Team


The actor, known for TV shows such as Swaragini – Jodein Rishton Ke Sur, Sabki Laadli Bebo, and MTV Roadies, also talks about the major concerns for today’s youth and how they can be resolved.
“I think that there are two major concerns with the youth and the issues are very stressful. The youth is indulged in earning money overnight which has become very easy because of new technology, digital media, and cryptocurrency. Everyone is hoping to make money overnight and become a millionaire within a week’s time by investing money. But they really need to focus on patience and work hard on the research on new programs. The market can go wrong because it is quite versatile and not a regulated market. Youth should be more careful before investing, which is why research is very important,” he says.
The actor continues to add that the most un-restful situation for youth especially in a country like India is unemployment. Unemployment can lead to unrest and stressful times.
“People who are sitting at home are not able to make enough money for their families even after investing in studies. There are a lot of expectations from the youth when they complete their graduation to get a commendable and good-paying job. After studying and investing so much, if you don’t make an effort to grow and push yourself towards a better life and instead do the same job where studies don’t matter, it makes no sense to invest so much,” he explains. There’s always someone who does hard work over the years and deserves to be at a better place, feels Anuj. He also adds that one should have such opportunities available in the country, and believes that today’s youth is going through a lot of problems.
“There are thousands of people after one single job and the others are roaming around unemployed. So eventually they all will be not paid attention to in society. So many people with so many talents and education have no opportunities. Young people who are educated enough in the urge to earn money, get into illegal and other forceful activities. They get involved in theft, money laundering etc, and it’s very heartbreaking to see them not achieving their dreams and doing such things. It’s a matter of concern as such things have an effect on their physical and mental health. They don’t have job satisfaction or the comforts they thought they would have if they studied hard. And all these lead to depression. One should really focus on good things, I feel it’s all the more important for the youth, who need our love and support. Elders must also guide youngsters to take the right path,” he ends.
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