Posted on July 20, 2022 at 4:23 am

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Zayn Ibad Khan on fashion: Want to be as simple as I can be!

For actor Zayn Ibad Khan, summer is all about dressing right in light and breathable clothes.


Photo Courtesy by Zayn Ibad Khan PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Zayn Ibad Khan PR Team



“This summer has been a tough one. I am not into trendy clothes. I want to be as simple as I can be. Mostly, I like to be in my track pants and coolest t-shirts and coolest fabrics. I don’t want to wear such synthetic or dry-fit clothes,” he says, adding, “I have not bought anything specific for the summers because I live in Mumbai and the temperature is always hot here. Right from my childhood, I have hated the heat. I just want the coolest temperature possible and I have always dressed accordingly. I don’t wear fabrics that are not good for summers.”

As of now, Zayn has no shopping plans for the monsoons.

“I am not updating my wardrobe for upcoming monsoons as of now. First, I will try and see what I have. I am not shopping a lot. In fact, I am not someone who plans to go shopping. If I am out somewhere and if I see something nice, I just buy it. I have a lot of clothes but I always wear those selected clothes and I guess the rest are just having a fun time in my wardrobe!” he says.

However, he has a preference when it comes to footwear in the monsoons.

“I always love to wear crocs as it feels like you are wearing shoes, yet your feet can breathe,” he says.

As far as his skincare regime is concerned, the actor says,

“I pray five times a day and every time before praying, I do ablution in which we wash hands, face and toes thoroughly. I don’t like putting on makeup and in my last show, I didn’t put a single touch of makeup on my face. I just like to be raw and real. I drink a lot of water and that’s the most important thing to keep your body healthy.

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