Posted on July 25, 2022 at 8:39 am

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Ramansh Ram Bundela on “Right Age To Marry” and collaborating with Content Ka Keeda

A true artist is perpetually on a quest to take up good work and associate with creative minds. The reason why Ramansh Ram Bundela is not confining himself to any medium. The actor who has been a part of shows like Meri Durga and Pyaar Ke Papad, is busy exploring the OTT medium.


Photo Courtesy by Ramansh Bundela PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Ramansh Bundela PR Team


In his latest outing – Right Age to Marry by Content Ka Keeda — Ramansh Ram Bundela will be seen opposite Saloni Daini, who is best known for her stint as Gangubai on various TV shows

Talking about his experience of shooting for the short film, Ramansh says,

“Right Age to Marry (RATM) has been more than just a project for me. I have learnt a great deal and had an amazing time while shooting for the short film. I am certain that our hard work and conviction will reflect on screen and the audience will resonate with it, too.”

He adds,

“Maninee ma’am is one of the most humble artists I have ever worked with and Saloni is a darling. I’ve learnt the importance of being humble from them and my love towards my craft has grown multifold while working with them. Maninee ma’am energy is infectious and her humour just puts you at ease instantly. I still remember Saloni as Gangubai and working with her was proof enough for me that she is one of the finest actors we have.”

Ramansh is all praise for the project because of its unique storyline. He says,

“RATM aims at imparting an important message to the youth but with a dash of humour. It’s not preachy but entertaining and effective. I am certain that it will change the way people look at love. Because in the end, a relationship isn’t just about love but also the hardships, responsibilities, and struggles that come along. However, despite being a serious subject, RATM will turn out to be one of the most humorous films people have ever watched.”

He adds,

“I have done many short films with Content Ka Keeda and interestingly, they never cease to surprise me with their ingenious writing. Every short film is different from the other. The best part about Content Ka Keeda is that apart from making the best short films, the team also comes up with some really interesting and intriguing concepts. Their stories are compelling and every film brings out the best in me.”

The credit also goes to the makers of the short film, asserts Ramansh. He says,

“Working with Shivankar sir and Shipra ma’am is nothing short of a blessing. They are extremely accommodating and hospitable. The love and warmth I have received from them is beyond what I had expected. They make everyone on the set feel at home and that’s just one of their best qualities. I am a fan of their passion and dedication for their craft.”


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