Posted on July 19, 2022 at 12:13 pm

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Mohit Malik reunited with this son Ekbir after a month-long filming in Cape Town

After spending more than a month in Cape Town’s stunning locations for Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 filming, actor Mohit Malik has finally returned home. For performing his stunts there, the actor has been making headlines for all the right reasons. This past weekend marked the end of filming for the adventure-themed reality program, and the entire cast is already back in Mumbai. Mohit’s wife Addite and son Ekbir were waiting for him at the airport gates, and this moment was very overpowering for him.

Mohit seemed extremely emotional upon seeing his family, and the trio was observed sharing a few tearful exchanges and hugs. “Addite told me that my son had been anticipating my return since yesterday, so much that he did not even sleep a wink last night. She tells me that Ekbir has been up since 7 am to accompany her to the airport,” Mohit added.

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Since Ekbir was born, Mohit has previously acknowledged in interviews that he had never been away from Addite for longer than 10 days. The actor has acknowledged that this would make his month-long role in KKK12 challenging for him. “When Ekbir saw me, he was stunned for a minute. But ever since I took him in my arms at the airport, he hasn’t left my side at all and that feeling is heavenly. In fact even now, he isn’t going to anyone else and wants to stay with me. Ekbir is roaming around me, not letting me out of his sight and that is a beautiful feeling. He keeps calling me ‘Baba’, ‘Baba’ and its the most content feeling to hear those words from his mouth,” Mohit exclaimed.

mohit malik

He further said, “I finally got to take my son in my arms after a month and a half. But it felt like a lifetime. The feeling of hugging my family after so long is unexplainable. And now that I am back, all I plan on doing now is spending some quality time with Aditi and Ekbir. As overwhelming and happy as I am to be back, all I plan on doing for the next few days is play with my son, feed him, bathe him and put him to sleep. I’m going to unwind this way.”

Given how adorable Mohit, Addite, and Ekbir are together, can we really blame him?

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