Posted on July 13, 2022 at 3:28 am

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Mohit Malik calls his stunt with Lions a Man Vs Wild Experience

The latest promo of Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 sees Mohit Malik in a very literal fight against 7 mighty lions to win his stunt. And the actor is extremely glad that he got to do this stunt.


Photo Courtesy from Mohit Malik PR Team
Photo Courtesy from Mohit Malik PR Team


Mohit says,
“I’m sure Ekbir will love watching the stunt because he loves lions.” The actor’s week 2 stunt saw him battle it out with mighty South African lions. Recalling his stunt, Mohit revealed, “The lion stunt was obviously very scary. The South African lions are huge and very powerful and you’ll have to physically be present there to see it to believe it. But the whole experience of the stunt was amazing.”
Clearly falling short of words, Mohit added,
“I literally do not have the correct words to express how I felt before, during, and after the stunt. I don’t know if I can call it euphoric or what! I can not define the feeling. Completing the stunt and conquering the fear that comes with seeing those lions, now that’s a feeling that gives you peaceful sleep at night.”
Ask him how did he prep himself mentally for the stunt and Mohit revealed,
“I remember the moment before the stunt. I was meditating and calming myself down. I love animals and being around them. And I’ve developed a mantra when doing stunts with animals- I believe that ‘we are all one’ and I keep repeating this mantra. And that’s what I did for this stunt too. I love animals, I love being with nature, and truly believe that we are all one. That’s the spiritual way to look at it.”
For my stunt, Mohit was locked in a ball cage. He had to walk the cage forward and collect some items along the way. But the Fear Factor in the stunt were huge South African lions. And the catch came in the form of huge chunks of meat hung from the cage. Mohit says,
“When 7 huge lions come running towards you, It feels surreal! They were not letting me move even an inch because of all the meat. And in the midst of all the struggle, one of the lions managed to put his claw into the cage and I froze for atleast 15 seconds. He was not willing to let go and I couldn’t move. It was a ‘Man v/s Wild’ experience where I was fighting and asking him to let me go and he was not ready to budge. I was trying my best to move the ball cage but the lions were mighty! It indeed was a sight to behold.”
Photo Courtesy from Mohit Malik PR Team
Photo Courtesy from Mohit Malik PR Team


But Mohit did enjoy the stunt. He added,
“The stunt had its special moments when I got to look into their eyes. The eye contact felt absolutely out of the world. And they are gorgeous creatures and beautiful and I could stare at them all day. During the shoot of the stunt,  I was just admiring them throughout. I literally couldn’t take my eyes off them. This was my first time seeing lions this close and they are beautiful and majestic animals”.
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