Posted on July 29, 2022 at 4:09 am

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Manish Naggdev: The place I belong to made me a star, an actor

Actor Manish Naggdev says that it was a dance performance at a Ganpati festival in his locality that made him realise that he wanted to become an actor.


Photo Courtesy by Manish Naggdev PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Manish Naggdev PR Team



Talking about how it all began, he says,

“I would say dancing, I remember dancing to SRK’s song Badshah o Badshah in my society’s Ganpati function and I won the first prize. On that day, I tasted fame and admiration of my neighbours, friends and close people. I became the star of my area, then I kept dancing a lot in all the forthcoming Ganpati festivals, and college festivals. Sab mujhe Badshah badsha karke bulate and I used to really love it, almost everyone around me used to give me so much attention. Actually, Chembur, the place I belong to, made me a star, an actor. After getting a little famous, I focused on getting into TV, learned new skills, took a professional acting course, and here I am.”


Ask him which role is closest to his heart, and he says,

“Adarsh Thakur of Begusarai remains close to my heart. I feel that there are some roles and shows that just touch your heart, and this one is one of them. It will always be special to me.”


The actor says that he has never looked at anything as challenging.

“I don’t have expectations, I just work hard and pick up projects which excite me. I think everything falls into place when you work hard. You just have to keep at it and gradually you will overcome all challenges,” he says, adding, “Sultan Alauddin Khilji is the role I am dying to play. It will be a very exciting part and I am sure I can portray him well on screen.”


Meanwhile, the actor says that he loves working on his acting abilities.

“I am the audience’s next Irfaan Khan. I am so inspired by him and I try to emulate him in every way possible. I would love to master Kalaripayattu but for that, I need to start first. I have always loved the art form and I hope I am able to learn it well. Leonardo Di Caprio, Irfan khan, Amitabh Bachchan sir, Ajay Devgan have been the ones I look up to. Watching their films is like an acting workshop for me,” he says, adding, “Great films with good messages inspire me a lot. They inspire me to become a better actor and that means so much to me at this stage of my career.”


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