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Celebrities share their special monsoon memories!

Monsoon is here and we can’t stay calm. There are so many memories, both good and bitter, attached to the season. Along with giving us respite from the sweltering heat, the rainy season also makes those special memories alive. Celebrities talk about their favourite monsoon memory, and favourite monsoon song that you love to sing or listen to. They also talk about how they enjoy spending this season, places they enjoy visiting during this time and the mouth-watering cuisine they gorge on every time it rains.

Photo Courtesy by PR Team Golecha
Photo Courtesy by PR Team Golecha
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Sudhanshu Pandey

My favourite monsoon memories are from Nainital mostly because thats where i grew up and the monsoon used to be in mountains pretty heavy. so you sit outside your house under a shed and just look at the mountains, the trees and the rain falling, looking at the lake. If people are still adventurous enough, they go boating in the rain. so those are the beautiful memories I have of the monsoon. It’s been a long time, though I haven’t been but my best option has always been driving in the monsoons upto Lonavala or Khandala. For a drive or maybe a stay over, enjoy the view of the waterfalls that you get to see while driving to khandala and then going to a Dhaba that is called Sunny ka Dhaba and eat some really great Indian food enjoying the rain and head back. So that’s how I have celebrated the monsoon season many times.And if you ask me about my favourite song that would be Aoge Jab tum from Jab We met.

Aditya Deshmukh 

There are so many monsoon memories. It’s fun playing football with friends. Though I’m not a good soccer player, yes I do play. I’m not a very amateur soccer player but I enjoy playing with them. Sometimes I go cycling. I enjoy it during rainy days. It’s like my own time. I still do that even today. But if I really want to rejuvenate my school days, the memories that I have then I really enjoy cycling, playing football. I’m not a really big fan of the monsoon. And travelling in Mumbai rains is quite boring. Also I have many favorite monsoon songs but I really like Dekho na from the Fana movie but I think the most favourite song that I would say is Tumse hi from Jab We Met. That song has a beautiful feeling whenever I feel listening to songs during monsoons, this song has to be the first song in my list.

Sudha Chandran
My favourite monsoon memory would be my childhood because I used to love the rains. I just had a major fascination for these gumboots. I mean, I still love the rain. monsoon is one season that I really, really look forward to because I love that very nice dull atmosphere and when it’s raining and you sit in your house and I hate working during monsoons. Monsoon is a season that I always look forward to. The only reason I am scared of the monsoon is when I have to fly and because I hate the turbulence.  Monsoon is one time where you love to sit either on the balcony and enjoy the rains or cuddle yourself up into your bed or with a wonderful Rajayi and watch the best movies which you must have probably missed out on. So, that is how I enjoy my monsoon season. And every song is unique in its own way but my favourite would be Rimjhim Gire Sawan.
Nasirr Khan
Being a football player since school, the best monsoon memories I have is of us playing football in the rain. During the monsoons, it was like a ritual for all of us. We would play at St. Andrews School ground or Duruelo Convent Ground or at St. Stanislaus. We would even book Priyadarshini Park in town or even play at Supari Tank ‘Laal Matti’ in Bandra. It was called Laal Matti because that ground has no grass and the field would get all mucky and red during the rainy season. There was more splashing in the water and rolling in the mud that was always more fun than actually playing the game. In the late 90’s Salman [Khan], Shah Rukh [Khan], Sanjay Dutt, Sohail Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, Dino Morea, choreographers Bosco-Caesar, and many more other friends, would all come and play. It was all organised by Sohail khan. I haven’t played it for the last few years, but the fun is essentially over now as most grounds are small and turf based so no rolling in the mud and splashing water is the true essence of getting an excuse to play football in the rain.
Mreenal Deshraj
Let’s be honest? I do have memories from my childhood of playing in the rain with my siblings. But now, after finally falling in love, this monsoon has come with a completely different feel. Suddenly the rain is sounding more melodious and the breeze has been singing sweet nothings to my ears. Love is in the air isn’t this what the monsoon is all about? Funny I am asked this question because I have a new favourite monsoon ensemble now. I have been smiling, looking at Nargis and Raj Kapoor singing ‘Pyaar Hua Iqrar Hua Hain’ to each other.
Manish Naggdev
I create fresh monsoon memories every year as I love the monsoon and I am a mumbaikar. Mumbai and monsoon have deep connection, every monsoon i specially plan a lot of trips towards lonavala, khopoli, mahabaleshwar etc. I go every year no matter what, i try to go along with my friends but if sometimes they are busy, I leave alone and spend time driving from Mumbai to Lonavala in my car with my kind of music. And my favourite monsoon song is bheegi bheegi raaton mein by adnan saami.
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