Posted on July 12, 2022 at 1:46 am

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Belated Happy Birthday Vivian Dsena!

Actor Vivian Dsena turned a year older recently (28th June) and says that it’s the love of his fans that makes every birthday special for him.

Photo Courtesy by Vivian Dsena PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Vivian Dsena PR Team
“I spent my birthday with my loved ones like every year. I do look forward to that day as I receive more love than I do usually. Who doesn’t like being served with love? It kind of makes it more special because of my fans. They always make my birthday more special and the kind of love they shower is incredible. I am so grateful to them. I don’t miss a chance to thank them, be it in an award ceremony or in any place where I am giving a normal interview,” he says.
Talking about how he celebrated the day, he says,
“I had not decided anything in advance. It was a last-minute plan. I was with my family and my friends in Mumbai for my last two birthdays, and this year was the same.”
As far as gifts are concerned, Vivian says that he goes for comfort over style in whatever he buys for himself.
“I am not a materialistic person like I am not a brand conscious person. It is not mandatory for me to have all the updated brands which every actor is wearing. For me, it’s always comfort over brand.,” he says.
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