Posted on July 9, 2022 at 8:01 am

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Balraj Syal talks all things fashion!

With one of the hottest summers being underway and monsoons soon approaching, actor Balraj Syal says that he is very specific about what he wears.


Photo Courtesy by Balraj Syal PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Balraj Syal PR Team


“This summer has been one of the hottest summers and it is because of global warming. My fashion mantra to beat the heat is wear light colours and drink lots of water. Instead of drinking water, people drink fabricated stuff like Cola etc. I drink a lot of water, chaas, lassi. As far as my clothes go, I tend to wear shorts and light-coloured T-shirts. That’s my fashion mantra to beat the heat. I don’t go outside without reason,” he says, adding, “I have bought a lot of shorts and Sando T-shirts for the summer.”

Talking about shopping for the monsoons, Balraj says that his wife takes care of that.

“I have no idea how I’m going to update my wardrobe for the monsoon because all these things have been taken care of by my wife since I got married. She will decide, plan and update my wardrobe. She takes me shopping and takes care of what to be there in the wardrobe or what not to be there. So, I’m going to listen to her,” he says.

He adds,

“Since the last two monsoons, we have been stuck at home due to the pandemic and we were not even working due to the pandemic. So, I neither earned nor spent, it’s even. Now, we have started working and I’m planning to do a lot of shopping. I’m planning to travel in the monsoon and not spend it here in India. If I’m working, I’ll be here. If I’m not working, I think I’ll be travelling.”

Skincare is another area where his wife has final say, says Balraj.

“A lot of things have become easier for me after marriage. I don’t have to Google things, I don’t have to consult people, I don’t have to look out for the solution for certain problems. I just have to look at my wife and she gives me everything. So, for skincare also, whatever she suggests, I use that.”

Wearing the right shoe is very important for Balraj.

“I’m a shoe-lover, so I don’t think I want to spoil my shoes during the monsoon. I buy crocs, which are specially bought for the monsoons. I wear that during the whole monsoon season so that my shoes are safe(laughs). I love my shoes and sneakers. I try my level best not to spoil them during rainy days,” he says.

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