Posted on July 27, 2022 at 10:04 am

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Appnapan’s Jay Zaveri talks about the unique fan reactions he has received

Actor Jay Zaveri who is currently seen in Appnapan has a good fan following. He shares more about some fan encounters.


Photo Courtesy by Jay Zaveri PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Jay Zaveri PR Team


He says,

“I love interacting with fans. I have got two distinct interacting experiences with fans. One was in the very beginning of my career when I got the role in Mere Sai. What happened was that I was just walking down the road and I was in my shorts as I had stepped down in my own area. Suddenly a guy came from behind and turned me around. The guy suddenly touched my feet and said you play the role of Das Ganu Maharaj right? He said you do it beautifully and me and my wife watch your show regularly. If we miss it we watch it on Sony Liv. I was shocked because he was of my dad’s age and he touched my feet because I played the character of Das Ganu Maharaj. That was one unexpected experience. Then I thought I’m doing something worthwhile and my fans are liking it. After that, I took a selfie with him”.

He further adds,

“Another fan experience was when I did an OTT show called Abhay. In that I had a scene with Anupriya Goenka where we are making out and in the second scene, she kills me. For some reason, the first scene went viral and I started receiving messages from different parts of the world and girls started sending me messages like you rock, you are amazing. This was a completely different experience than what I had with a fan when I was doing the show Mere Sai. The fans watch your characters very closely and they get affected. If you are playing a positive character you get a positive response and if you are playing a negative or grey character you will get hatred. People will hate you for the bad you have done to good people in that show. Whenever I meet my fans I make sure that if they want to click a picture I’ll take it with them”.


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