Posted on July 21, 2022 at 3:39 am

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Appnapan is a show that you should be watching!

Sony TV and Balaji Telefilm’s latest show ‘Appnapan – Badalate Rishton Ka Bandhan’ is fresh and compelling. Here are some reasons you should be watching this show!


The Cast

Appnapan stars Rajshree Thakur and Cezanne Khan in the lead roles of Pallavi and Nikhil respectively.  While the two display fine performances, the rest of the cast delivers excellent portrayals too. Anju Mahendru plays Pallavi’s mother, while Shraddha Tripathi, Gautam Ahuja, Mehak Ghai, Anmol Kajani and Keshav Mehta play Nikhil and Pallavi’s children. Rinku Dhawan also excels in her negative role as Nikhil’s sister Nandita. With a great line-up of performances, Appnapan already grabs the viewers’ attention.


The Story Begins with Separation

While many shows have shown the pair being separated later on in their lives, Appnapan begins with Pallavi and Nikhil already living separately. Nikhil lives in the United States with two of their children, Harsh and Manna. While Pallavi lives in Meerut with three of their kids, Barkha, Badal and Gagan. This is a rather unusual way of beginning a story, but the idea of the journey to their reunion makes it quite intriguing to watch.


The Chemistry

Despite Pallavi and Nikhil being separated, there have been many flashback scenes in which Pallavi and Nikhil were shown to have had a marriage filled with love. Nikhil now moved to Meerut for business purposes and has regular run-ins with Pallavi. In all these scenes, both Rajshree Thakur and Cezanne Khan share fresh and admirable chemistry. It makes the viewer wish for their reunion to happen soon.


The Children

Each of the five children is different and is very similar to the young adults of today. Their varying characteristics will come across as relatable to everyone and not only children. Manna longs for both her parents’ love as even Nikhil could not do so despite living with her. As a result, she takes to alcohol now and then and even takes extreme steps due to her constantly conflicted mind. Barkha is ambitious and it often gets the better of her. Harsh shows hatred towards his mother and follows the footsteps of his aunt Nandita. Gagan is a frank and mischievous boy while Badal takes it upon himself to make sure his family is happy.


The Background of Food!

Both Pallavi and Nikhil work in the food industry. Nikhil has world-renowned restaurants while Pallavi runs a small and homely restaurant. The two worlds come together as Nikhil takes over Pallavi’s restaurant and apart from their differences, their idea of a restaurant and food differ too. It will be interesting to see if the restaurant makes their differences persist or ends those differences!


Appnapan – Badalate Rishton Ka Bandhan airs Monday to Friday on Sony TV!


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