Posted on July 12, 2022 at 6:04 am

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Anil V Kumar shares more about directing Kundali Bhagya

Director Anil V Kumar was specially roped in by the makers of Kundali Bhagya to direct the time leap that the show takes. The director returned to the show after a span of five years and absolutely loved it.


Photo Courtesy by Anil V Kumar PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Anil V Kumar PR Team


“It was refreshing and in totality a very good experience. I was there for a short span only but I felt nostalgic each day because there were so many memories from day one and when I stepped on the same set after years, it touched me!” he says, adding, “A lot of memories, all actors, crew share a good bond with me and I relived every moment from the past! Taking back good memories for sure and I hope the show keeps the spirit high in the coming years!”

He says that there is a lot that he will always remember from the shoot.


“There are so many incidents from the set that I can cherish. Shradha is fun to work with, she is a prankster on set and her pranks are cute. Shakti, Manit, Anjum, Abhishek, Neelam Ji, who I directed her in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki also, almost had tears in her eyes and that feels different! Everyone’s energy is so good on the sets that even on a hectic day we all manage to laugh it out and do the best for the show,” he says.

Of course, shooting in the incessant rains is not easy!


“This time it’s maddening, the rains are just non-stop and it’s difficult to commute to the sets. Thankfully, we had all indoor setups so we hardly got stuck! We all enjoy this weather but when you are shooting outdoors on a rainy day it’s hard and it’s tiring,” he says.

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