Posted on July 27, 2022 at 4:48 am

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Amal Sehrawat talks about helping people in need

Every celebrity supports one cause or the other just by their mere presence or by attending events. However, there are hardly a few of them who are going out there and doing real field work. Harphool Mohini actor Amal Sehrawat talks about the same and the causes he feels for.


Photo Courtesy by Amal Sehrawat PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Amal Sehrawat PR Team


“It is very personal. It doesn’t have to do anything with your celebrity status, it has to do what kind of a human being you are. Generally actors are very sympathetic and empathetic and that is the reason they feel the person’s pain or joy so much. I believe people should go out and help those in need in every way possible. I know many friends in my circle who go out of their way to help. I also know the celebrities who do that. I hardly know anybody who just fakes it for publicity,” he says.


If every celebrity supports a specific cause and constantly works on the field, then they can influence a lot more people to join in. And, together, it would make a huge impact because just donating money or attending an event or doing PR does not really make a difference.

“Jiska kam usi ko sajhe. I think every person should do the job where his or her expertise lies. If a celebrity would leave his primary job that is acting and get fully involved in social activity then how will she or he generate money from? So, you need to understand that the forte of a celebrity is acting, that is what they can do the best. By doing so they earn a lot of money and they donate that money to social causes. Those in the NGO do have expertise on such things and therefore can do this better,” he adds.

The most effective way to bring about a change, according to Amal, is to change our thought process.

“One needs to change their attitude towards other people and to change our perception towards the world. Once these things happen, it will change our viewpoint and automatically it will reflect in our actions,” he shares.

Speaking on the causes closest to his heart, the actor begins by saying that there are many things that he feels for.

“I am very emotional towards martyrs, because I strongly believe that people in force stay away from their family just to protect us. So, I deeply feel for them, though I feel for everyone else. I also feel deeply about animals because they can’t express themselves and are often at the mercy of human beings,” he adds.
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