Posted on March 7, 2022 at 9:39 am

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The Batman Fever: Celebs on Batman Film

The Batman is finally here! And the craze is literally crazy! Here is why these actors cannot wait to watch the film.

Sharad Malhotra


I always loved watching animated superhero series and movies. Among all the superheroes, I loved Batman the most and he is one of the most successful comic book characters as well. For a long time, I haven’t seen a film in theatres. Pandemic is as good as over and I would love to watch this film. During the lockdown, I binge-watched a few Batman films. It’s a lot of fun and entertainment and one feels mentally relaxed. It would be fun watching Robert Pattinson in the movie.


Angad Hasija


Bruce Wayne aka ‘The Batman’ is probably holy when it comes to superheroes and the comic World. Matt Reeve’s latest take on the iconic DC comics caped crusader starring Robert Pattinson in the titular role is among the ones that superhero films will talk about for years to come. We have been waiting for Batman for a while so I am thrilled. Now there are no restrictions at theatres that so I am even more excited. I am going to eat samosas and popcorn and watch this film. Expectations are high and I am sure I won’t be disappointed. I loved the Batman Returns that was released in 1992 and also Batman Mask of the Phantasm 1993. I have watched these films thrice in the lockdown. I would like to take my daughter along.


Angad Hasija

Pranav Misshra


The trilogy of the Batman series started from The Dark Knight and then ended with Batman Returns. All the parts convey the past life of Christian Bale and how he has evolved to what he is now. With the advent of Robert Pattinson playing Batman this year after this brilliant performance in Tenet, I am expecting a lot from this movie. Also, it’s been a long time since I have watched any DC movies in the theatre. I am excited to see this film as I hope there would be more interesting villains compared to the past with some amazing graphics changes and VFX effects.


Prateik Chaudhary


Batman has many things to offer and some of those are cool visuals, stunts and action. Robert Pattinson is a treat to watch DC is really improving in terms of their casting. You don’t want to miss this one. I have watched some DC films in the past and it’s safe to say that Batman is one of the best yet. I love the direction, the VFX, and the sci-fi themes in these movies. Watching Batman in theatres is a must. My favorite Batman movie is The Dark Knight 2008 and Joker ( Heath Ledger)is my favorite character. It’s been a long time since I have been to the theatres so I am waiting to watch the new Batman film when I get some time off work. I do not have to binge-watch the old movies because I have rewatched all the old ones during the lockdown.


Ayush Anand


It’s THE Batman. No other reason is required. I have seen all DC films as I am a huge superhero fan. Having said that, The Dark Knight trilogy helmed by Christopher Nolan has been my all-time favorite and the same goes for Christian Bale as Batman. So, I will not miss this for the world as, for me, they are irreplaceable. It will be unfair to compare Robert Pattison with Christian Bale or even for that matter Ben Affleck as I hope he will bring his own charisma and style to the role.

Ankit Siwach


I have grown up watching all the Batman films. I have been obsessed with the Batman series. I have all the Batman merchandise and I love to wear Batman T-shirts, to the extent that my friends tell me- “Tu hi Batman hai”. I love Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight series and the Joker one is my all-time favorite. I watched it five times during the lockdown when I was at home. I really want to go to the theatre and watch the Batman film. There is no substitute for a theatre experience. I have high expectations from the film as well as from the actor Robert Pattinson, Batman series takes me into a good imaginary world, back to my childhood days.

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