Posted on March 4, 2022 at 5:23 pm

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Ankit Siwach: No Profession is Easy

Ankit Siwach:  Success or failure of a project completely depends on one’s perception!


A career is important to everyone. Ankit Siwach says no profession is easy, if one tries to find out more about a particular field of work one will get to know that everywhere one faces highs and lows, and it is difficult to sustain, survive and grow.

“Every career is equally important and difficult. I don’t know how, but I feel I belong here. I was supposed to be an actor. I wanted to be an Air Force pilot when I was in school then I decided to go into the corporate sector, later I studied psychology and human resource. I had different things in mind. One thing that was constant was to stand out and perform. Be it in sports or cultural activities. The acting bug bit me much later. Today I feel blessed to be an actor,” he says.

Much like many others, Ankit Siwach also faced his share of struggles.

“At different stages of life, you’ve had different struggles and insecurities. You start competing with yourself in a constructive way and when you enter the market then you gradually start competing with others, and that comes naturally.  People do feel insecure. I feel it too when it comes to performing because I don’t want to hamper a scene or be the reason behind the downfall of a project. I feel guilty if I don’t give my 100%,” he adds.

Not many know that Ankit started off as an assistant director and worked with Tanuja Chandra for the film Silvat. Before that, he had a corporate job.

“I realized I’m more comfortable on the set than in the office. That motivation and realization always help me push myself further. No art form or skill set is perfect and you always have to keep working hard to achieve something better. So I’m hanging on, trying to grow,” he says.

Ankit Siwach: No Profession is Easy

In the current scenario in spite of the number of films, OTT projects, and television series being made there is competition and even unemployment. However, Ankit feels this is the golden phase for the industry.

“There were only films earlier, then TV opened more doors and now we have OTT, which is definitely helping many showcases their talent. Yes, there are more insecurities, competition, etc but opportunities have also doubled. We should look at the positive side,” he continues, “Success or failure of a project completely depends on one’s perception. Some people consider a film hit by how the viewers are accepting it, while others only go for monetary benefits. For me, a successful project is when you touch hearts and also get the required return.”

Whatever one does in life both luck and destiny matter, feels the actor.

“Luck is all about your little and big decisions, the choices you make. Every little step you take counts. And a combination of all these steps is your luck. Destiny is definitely not in our control. We cannot control the outside variables and we just have to go with the flow. Do right and stay happy is the mantra,” he shares.

Ankit Siwach is content with how his career has shaped up. He focuses on the happy moments rather than the disappointments.

“I’m waiting for a few projects to come out while working in Yeh Jhuki Jhuki si Nazar. And I have certain things in mind and if they shape up well it will definitely push my career graph. And of course, then luck and destiny will play the role and however it is for me, I’ll accept it and two things that won’t change and won’t stop is the hustle and learning,” he says.

Ankit Siwach: No Profession is Easy
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