Posted on January 19, 2022 at 11:41 am

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Rahul Sharma is Getting Married

Vighnaharta Ganesha actor  is ready to say I do, a lavish wedding is being planned for this month in Rajasthan

Rahul Sharma is Getting Married

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya actor Rahul Sharma is getting married on January 22. Preparations are going on in full swing. Everything will be done following proper protocols.

“The functions that have been planned are Haldi, Mehandi, Sangeet, Reception, Lagaan, Sagai. We were thinking of postponing the marriage given the third wave, but I was very adamant that we will not. I have seen in the past, when you postpone the wedding the excitement goes for a toss. Also, I have a few commitments in the future so it won’t be feasible for me then,” he says.


Due to the third wave, there will be a lot of restrictions.


“Yes. The good thing is that this is not as deadly as the second wave. We are only inviting limited guests. We are following all the protocols. It’s a palace wedding so it is not a difficult task to manage these things. It’s a big property so it won’t get crowded. We will do everything possible to protect the people,” he reveals.


Rahul Sharma is Getting Married

Rahul reveals that it is an arranged marriage.

“It is a very interesting story. I was not interested in marriage but a year back I was at home because of Corona. During my conversations with my parents I realised they wish for a few things and I must fulfill those. So this is more of an emotional decision for me and seeing the past experience, I opted  for an arranged marriage rather than love marriage . I told mom to look for a girl, she did. I met her eight months back. Though we could not meet much, we spoke a lot, It was beautiful and I didn’t see such a process in my last relationship,” he shares.

Rahul Sharma is Getting Married

The actor however does not want to reveal the name of his lady love. She was working as a teacher before the pandemic.


“I wanted to get married 6-7 years back, but it’s God’s wish that it’s happening now. A lot of people are surprised that I chose arranged marriage, but finding the right kind of girl who builds your life and takes you further and sees your growth and tries to make you grow in your life is important. I know when it comes to arranged marriage, I don’t know the person that much and I am just curious about what she will be like. There is lots of development and because of that the process is beautiful and exciting,” he says.

Rahul Sharma is Getting Married

Rahul wanted to have a lavish wedding in Rajasthan and he is happy to have fulfilled his dream.

“My mom too wanted the same. But because of COVID we are not having too many guests,” he continues, “It would be a life-changing event for me and I’m looking forward to it. Need your blessings. From being a bachelor to a married man is a different journey altogether. When you have crossed 30,  you realize a lot of things where you are more mature and settled with your emotions. I have gone through enough. Now I’ve got a lot of patience and will handle things in a different way.”

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