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SAAKK Fame Karanvir Sharma and Debattama Saha in New Music Video

Karanvir Sharma and Debattama Saha Are Back in a Blockbuster New Music Video!

The hit pair from the show Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani, Karanvir Sharma, and Debattama Saha have come together for a music video. After the show went off the air earlier this summer, fans have been dying to see them onscreen again. Both Karanvir and Debattama decided to return the love back to their fans in the form of this collaboration.

jo tera howega video

Recently, it touched a new milestone and hit 1 Million views. Their loyal viewers are already huge fans of the pair, but the music video showcases their chemistry in a very aesthetically cinematic way. One can’t hope but wish this duo makes a debut on the big screen.

Check out the video below:

The Inspiration

Karanvir shares that the inspiration behind this music was to fulfill the request of their fans. Additionally, Debattama wanted to do a cover in her voice. For the first time ever, Karanvir puts on a director’s cap and the visuals are stunning. We can not stop but be in awe of the cinematography, beautiful locations, symmetry and art design of the sets, and of course the costume design. The music video is quite dreamy and has an old-school innocence to it.

Here is a personal favorite still from the music video (Photos courtest of @GarimaPatel5)

jo tera howega video

The Chemistry

Sung by Debattama herself, the music is by Vatsal Chevli with editing by Rushabh Modi. The music video is as close to being as beautiful as one would have expected and the quality too, is what both Debattama and Karanvir promise their fans it would be. Their chemistry, as usual, is on point while the music works great with what we see on screen.

One can not stop gushing at how effortlessly in love they look on screen. This goes to show their off-screen friendship and comfort zone. This is quite evident in the countless behind the scenes and reels on their Instagram pages. All in the all, the chemistry is off the charts from the first frame to the very end!

jo tera howega video


Fans Share their Love & Reactions

Moreover, the outpour love and positive comments from fans comes In abundance. many have gone to say that the music video is not only a visual treat, but it is an emotion. It is pure, unadulterated love from artiste to their fans. However, we had to highlight some of our favorite fan reactions:

Dear Deba & KV, The JTH MV is beyond words & left me in awe. From Deba’s angelic voice, KV’s shayari & direction to the cinematography & execution, everything about it is extraordinary. TYSM for this magical creation for us, fans, I’ll always cherish it.  (@shreya_17)

Thank you for giving this wonderful gift to your fans. The MV was nothing less than a magical dreamEverything was perfect- the music, poetry,beautiful voice, cinematography & of course our #ShaKhi Dream Team Is amazing (@N_Positivevibes)

Dearest Karan and Debattma, You have treated your fans with a gift ! This music video is a delight to watch. With Debattma’s voice and Karan’s poetry delivery both being top notch perfect. Thankyou for giving us the perfect fairytale! (@AwnReman)

There’s an unexplainable, deep soul-connect with this MV! DeVir’s love towards the show & fans, pure intentions & phenomenal efforts have taken it beyond any realms of perfection for me! Gives me goosebumps every time I watch it! A precious & sacred gift to be cherished forever! (@Swa0109)

The song gives me hope. The lyrics are so relatable, the poetry is heartening and the video is absolutely gorgeous  While I do associate it with Shakhi, it is a standalone masterpiece as well which I am going to hear on loop for sure! Such beautiful songs are rare these days! (@anu0111)
It is an ode for us fans! It’s a definition of a fairytale in which we see our Shakhi. Everything from the location, to the music, to the costumes, to the direction and cinematography is so dreamy. From the second it starts, it takes you in a ShaKhi dream world! (@duaa2418)

jo tera howega video


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