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A Heartfelt Goodbye to Shivangi Joshi of Yeh Rishta

A Heartfelt Goodbye to Shivangi Joshi of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 

Some characters remain in the audience’s heart forever and one of them is Shivangi Joshi. Shivangi plays Naira of Rajan Shahi’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.  Earlier this year when Naira dies and the actress essays the character of Naira’s lookalike Sirat. Above all, Shivangi plays both characters with such perfection that the viewers fell in love with her instantly. But now, it is time for a new chapter on the show. The old characters are bidding adieu, while the new energetic characters are all set to come on board.
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Recently, And what came as the most emotional and moving kind of farewell was that of Shivangi which left everyone with tears in their eyes.
goodbye to Shivangi Joshi
Ranjeet Agarwal (Business Head, DKP)

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end…” As we bid goodbye to you, I  want to thank you for your extremely professional, hard-working, and dedicated behavior towards the team. Your cooperation in shooting for long hours without any complaints or demands is commendable. Even after such a huge success, you were always humble and grounded. Your level of integrity, ethical behavior, and sense of fairness will contribute to your success wherever you go. I wish you the very best in the future and I know that whatever the future holds, you will excel and continue to be successful.
God bless.

Deepa Shahi (Founder, Shahi Productions Pvt Ltd)

Best wishes Shivangi. Thank you for your contribution to the show and for making YRKKH a success. God bless you with greater success in all your future endeavors.

Vivek Jain (Creative Producer, DKP)

All know Shivangi as a star, best actor, fabulous dancer, and a true rockstar, but we DKPians know her as a person whom you always want to work with, a committed actor who respect her work more than anything in life, a hardworking girl who says no to any work we asked her. Whenever we met, it was always first food and then talk and that will never change. Your approach towards work and life shows the best upbringing you got from your respected parents.

Giving you blessings direct from the heart. Shine forever. Rock the world as always.

Aarif Shaikh (Line Producer, DKP)

Aarif’s Poem
Waqt ka takaza bhi ab yehi hai,
Tum badho aage hamari dua yehi hai,
Khushiyan jitni mili hai aajtak uski chauguni ho jaye,
Tumhari kismat sitaron, saiyyaron se chand or suraj ho jaye,
Jahan bhi tum jao wahan roshni ho jaye,
Kaamyabi tumhara saya or shohrat zindagi ho jaye,
Personal Message Continues

A true star Shivangi Joshi. Let me proudly tell this everyone that at this age even with so much success I have never seen a professional actor like you in my career. You have set an example. It’s really our pleasure to have worked with you Shivangi. You are such a good human being, and a committed, dedicated and hardworking person.

From the first day of the shoot in Rishikesh till today, you are the same person. So much to say about you but nothing will be enough as your hard work can’t be described in words.  There are very few actors in the industry who are a complete package of beauty, talent, dance, luck, hardworking, passion, and top of that best human being. It’s not a goodbye from our side. It’s a new beginning and all the best to you for all your future projects.

Garima Dimri (Creative Director, DKP)

“Iron girl”, that’s the term for her. This girl has given her heart and soul to YRKKH. Many have come and gone, but nobody can match your sincerity, commitment and humility. The journey has just begun for you my dear. You have miles to go ahead and we are here for you a call away, and I can say without hesitation so are you. Lots of love babe, keep shining.

And what to say about the woman behind her, her mother, who has guided her throughout and has a bond with everyone on the set. She was called mummy by everyone on set. Thank you so much..( will miss her delicious food)

Rajan Shahi (Founder, DKP)

Gratitude for Shivangi
Thanks and gratitude Shivangi Joshi from all of us in DKP/ YRKKH team unit cast and crew. Yesterday was a day of saying thank you. Gratitude for setting benchmark of what it means to be truly a professional, hardworking talent with utmost humility, dedication, patience and genuine real time tested unconditional faith respect for entire crew, co-actors, production house, channel, fans and viewers. 29 years of my career as director and producer in this industry have never come across a human and dedicated actor like you. I hope every production house, maker and channel is as lucky and fortunate to have experienced this power of talent, hard work standing by channel and makers from day one till end like you did.
Gratitude for Mohsin

There are 1000 reasons in such a long journey as LEADS of almost 6 years to sometimes waiver question the makers or channel but you showed that there is only one reason that is to be a true professional and to stand by your team. I can proudly say on behalf of all your co-actors thank u and mainly MOHSIN as you both stood together as the best jodi and team. Thanks to you and Mohsin, for always working hard together as professionals, dedicated and how you have both complimented each other.

Yesterday was the first time I saw a unit crying each and every member as they said thanks to you and Yashodhaji. From the Business Head, Series Director, Creative Director, line producer, creative producer, directors, entire crew and unit cried.
Rajan Shahi Emotional Farewell
First time in life, in my entire career, I cried in front of my unit. I was moved emotionally. A new experience for me and my team as i have never seen an actor create so much love respect and regard in each member. We got emotional as the entire team was present as ur last shot was being canned in YRKKH and we realized we never want you to leave DKP. but with entusiasm hope prayers we all said and knew you have a long successful journey ahead and we have to let u go for a larger growth in ur journey. and we all in dkp pray and hope we can be part of it a special thanks to Yashodha ji who has taught us what it means to be a superwoman mother guide and mentor. Your love towards ur family is exemplary.

goodbye to Shivangi Joshi

Romesh Kalra (Series Director, DKP)

Shivangi Joshi, the best actor and person I’ve worked with in my career. It’s not a goodbye, it’s a relationship we will share all our lives. You’re at the top and have created such a benchmark that I don’t know if any other actor will be able reach there. You have worked selflessly from day 1 and been the same always. Be like this always. Lots of Love, blessings and best wishes.

Ishika Shahi

It is great hear, see and interact with Shivangi. I have always seen how hard working and dedicated she is, and dad has always said that if you want to learn what is hard work and dedication and to keeping up day to day the commitment of hard work. Shivangi has done the best in DKP. So I really wish and congratulate her and all the very best for her future.

Director Rishi Mandial

A good human being with a good soul and always enthusiastic for good work. It’s always a pleasure working with her, as an actress she emotes so well you can cry while watching her performance.
goodbye to Shivangi Joshi
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