Posted on February 19, 2021 at 8:51 am

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Shardul Pandit discusses #TheShaanaShardulShow

In conversation with Shardul Pandit

Shardul Pandit discusses #TheShaanaShardulShow

UrbanAsian got into an exclusive conversation with the popular RJ and Actor, Shardul Pandit discussing his new radio show The Shaana Shardul Show which launched today 19th February on Radio Mirchi.


First things first, what inspired you to be an RJ? Could you tell us a bit about your journey?

“So, I was an RJ even before I became an actor. When I left school, Radio Mirchi was starting a station called Private FM which was in Indore, my hometown and since I was already a local VJ, they gave me an offer which I refused because I thought who will even do radio? However, thankfully they convinced me and that’s how my journey began.” He responds.


Shaana Shardul is your comeback on Radio. How does it feel to be back?

“I feel great to be back with Radio Mirchi because now those days are gone where people think it is weird to do just radio. We live in a world where Radio, TV and digital have come together. In terms of Shaana Shardul, it is India’s first radio show where the name of the show has been taken and/or inspired by the host. The show is essentially dedicated to me. I think this is certainly a victory moment for me because before this we have only seen The Kapil Sharma Show on TV but this is a first for radio where the host is at the centre stage.” He says.

What sets Shaana Shardul apart from your previous Radio ventures?

“It’s very different because this show is coming after my appearance on Bigg Boss so this show is entirely about me. As I’ve said earlier, the show is dedicated to my personality, my take on Bollywood, essentially my take on everything. I feel this is a very big honour that Radio Mirchi considered I am big enough for them to dedicate a show to.” He adds.


Where do you think the radio industry is heading in India?

“Radio is evolving and changing. Last year during the lockdown when there was a digital boom, radio is no longer radio as now radio is going to be digital, video and shown. So, for example, Shaana Shardul is going to be televised it’s going to be on the radio and also on digital platforms and so we are creating history with that. Hence, I think radio is heading into a very exciting space for the future.” He responds.

Finally, any messages for your fans?

“All I liked to say is that you people have supported me during Bigg Boss and I want to thank you a lot for that and I wish that you join me on my journey on the radio too.” He says.


Well there you go folks, that’s Shardul Pandit in an exclusive conversation about his comeback on Radio. Don’t forget to check out The Shaana Shardul Show on Radio Mirchi.

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