Posted on January 16, 2021 at 8:58 pm

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It’s Raining Hearts for Yogita Bihani 

From her remarkable presence on the web, world to appear in an array of commercial advertisements, and now with her not to be missed an enthralling performance in her recent release,  AK vs AK; Yogita Bihani seems to be setting new limits for herself.

Yogita Bihani found her popularity in the daily soap/web series “Dil Hi Toh Hai” launched by Ekta Kapoor and won a lot of accolades for her role as Dr Palak. Now she has made her debut in the cine world with Vikramaditya Motwane’s dark comedy thriller AK vs AK, which encapsulates the tiff between Anil Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap. The story revolves around these two stalwarts from the entertainment world where Kashyap kidnaps Kapoor’s daughter Sonam and films his fanatic search for her in real-time with the help of Yogita, his assistant and an aspiring filmmaker.

From the very first scene till the last, her character is extremely crucial to the narrative’s propulsion. It is her character, who not only devises the idea into Kashyap’s mind to retaliate at Kapoor by captivating his daughter but also takes every ounce of risk to capture Kapoor’s emotions, frustration, and aggression on his quest of finding Sonam. In spite of being behind the camera as the camerawoman, she is successfully able to make her presence felt throughout the film. She manages to hold herself together and give a promising performance amidst a stellar cast. The astounding climax of the film is definitely to look out for where she aces it with her subtlety, leaving the audience only hoping that they got to see a little more of her. Besides showing off her acting skills, she also got to demonstrate her newly acquired camera operating skills, by having a steady hold of the camera and shooting more than half of the film; under the guidance of expert DOP (Director of Photography).

Her performance onscreen is a clear reflection of the training and priming that she has been keeping herself engaged with during lockdown; by honing indigenous martial arts like Kalaripayattu and attending boxing classes to augment her physical and mental strength.

Moreover, her meditative therapy which lies in cooking and baking is also helping her stay focused on her passion and craft, to enact different roles and be a part of different kinds of storytelling to reach the audience.

The year 2020 saw remarkable growth in her as an actor and as an achiever, where she proved it, yet again that hard work is the key to transforming dreams into reality. We hope that the year 2021 is a promising one for her with many more successful ventures, as we definitely look forward to seeing more of her in the coming times.


Written by Srishti Singh

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