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Puneet Dixit on Lakeerein 2.0 – “It’s the beginning of love.”

In conversation with Puneet Dixit

UrbanAsian got into an exclusive conversation with singer/composer Puneet Dixit discussing his new song Lakeerein 2.0 which released today and the changing face of the Indian music industry.


What inspired you to venture into the world of music?

“It was the fact that, the music that is being created nowadays is not at all inspiring, which became catalytical for me to create good quality music. Hence, my aim was never to be part of the crowd as I have always had a different perspective and process of creating music.”

Being the composer for Guddan’s OST Lakeerein, how do you feel that this song has been appreciated by the masses?

“Of course, the kind of appreciation Lakeerein has received, I don’t think any other television series has received that much appreciation in the year 2018-19. Though the feel of Lakeerein song is fading a little as Nishat is leaving the show, and the new character is about to enter with Lakeerein 2.0 song. But I don’t think so, people will stop listening to this song. The song is already viral and has already reached so many out there. The songs talk about a story that is common for everyone. Loving someone, wanting to love someone, being unable to express one’s feelings, or due to some circumstances are unable to be with the love of their lives, and this song beautifully represents these stories. Therefore, I think people have appreciated this song beyond my imagination, are still doing it and I hope it remains the same in the future. Even people from different shows are giving me a reference to Guddan’s song, Lakeerein to create something that grand, so when a song becomes a reference, you know that it is a successful one and a lot of people have liked it.”

How is Lakeerein 2.0 different to the original? What is the core theme in this version and how is that reflected in the instruments/vocals used?

“Lakeerein 2.0 is a very different song. It is totally a romantic song, and Lakeerein was a song with a sad theme, and when people will listen to it, they will realise the difference between the two. Lakeerein represented the people who are not together anymore, people who are falling apart, where it is very difficult for two people to be together. And Lakeerein 2.0 is about coming together, there is so much of romance in the song, the feeling of “naya ishq”. There is a comfort like “nazdeek aakar betho tum mere, baaten bohot si hain tumse karni, hain inn dino jo badlaav mujhme, hain teri hi badolat tujhse hai kehni”. Laakeerein 2.0 is the beginning of love.”

What has been your favourite composition till date?

“My favourite composition is of course, Lakeerein. Another favourite is the Mahadev and Vishnu theme song I did for Namah which was sung by Sonu Nigam and Kailash Kher.”

The Hindi TV industry is booming lately with many OST’s, some of which you’ve composed/sang. Where do you see this industry from a music perspective in the future?

“To be honest, when I entered the TV industry, I only used to compose background music and it was not my forte. Some people are made for it, and they dedicatedly work for it too, but I have the focus on both the things, background music, and the song. And as I have always created music, so the ardour in me to do songs is not satisfied yet, and still, I want a big break. Having said that, working in the TV industry was enlightening as I learned the key skills as a background scorer thereafter composing original songs with numerous shows such as Laado 2 and Guddan. The aim for these shows was to make an OST that represents the core theme and storyline of the shows which was successful as in the case of Guddan’s Lakeerein.”


He adds, “People are just focusing on the background ignoring the songs, and they are only making money as they know the TV industry is a good place to make money. However, I am working for the music not just the money. Therefore, if things keep progressing like they are now, and the music industry gets together with the TV industry there is a lot of scope with so much of work opportunity. Films are made only for a limited time, but the TV industry works continuously. The theatres can be closed, films might not work on screens, but TV has to go on, it is unstoppable because a blank screen cannot be shown to the audience. So, work will always be there for everyone, there will be scope for music also, and it can be a very good platform for upcoming talent who can show their work on TV just the way I am doing. The people who are working with me are also very happy that apart from films also, there is this big platform in making, for the music industry.”

What advice would you give to the youth of today who wishes to enter the music industry?


“The advice I would like to give everyone is that it requires a lot of hard work in achieving something and even when you achieve it just don’t be boastful about it. Remind yourself that you are still struggling, like even I am working on so many things, I always say that I am still struggling. I am struggling for the best, I am struggling to become a better musician in this industry. Hence, if you want to become a genius musician than you have to struggle for it, and it means you struggle within yourself to bring out the best in you. You don’t struggle with others, you struggle with yourself only, as if you are the best, definitely one day you will achieve it all and be successful in life too.”


Any final messages for your fans especially those that love Lakeerein?

“Aise hi haste rahiye, muskurate rahiye, gaate rahiye aur gawate rahiye. Whatever I am today is just because of you guys, my fans, friends, and everybody.” He concluded.


Well there you have it folks, that’s UrbanAsian’s exclusive with Puneet Dixit. Be sure to check out Lakeerein 2.0!

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