Posted on August 31, 2020 at 11:34 am

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Mohit Malik: ‘Playing Dhruv in Lockdown Ki Love Story is going to be therepeutic’

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Mohit Malik is all set to make a grand comeback on screen with Star Plus’s new show ‘Lockdown Ki Lovestory‘.

Mohit Malik
Mohit Malik

After playing two very diverse roles in his previous shows. Mohit is very eager to take on this particular role in the fun lockdown based romantic series.

It is because it is something he has never experimented with before, the storyline.

The theme of the show is one which really clicked well with him, and Mohit also claims that this role is going to be quite therepeutic for him!

Speaking about what made him take up ‘Lockdown Ki Lovestory’, Mohit shares,

“The description of my character in Lockdown Ki Lovestory was what made me say yes to the show. I am going to be portraying a very different role this time. Also something I have never worked on before in my previous shows. It has just the diversity of this role which has so much to offer was what drew me to it. Playing the character of Dhruv is going to be therepeutic for me through the show.”

He adds, 

My weaknesses are Dhruv’s strengths, which I am really hoping to make my own whilst portraying the character. Playing this role is going to be an integral part of my personal journey as well. As if I manage to even incorporate some of Dhruv’s qualities that I like into myself. It’s going to be a major achievement for me. I am aiming at this role to help me personally enhance myself. It bring about a much needed positive and different shift that I am looking at, so it’s surely going to be like therapy to portray this one”.

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