Posted on July 7, 2020 at 4:00 am

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#Tamas releases today!

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Rashami Desai and Adhvik Mahajan will be seen together for the first time in Short Film: Tamas

It’s been a while fans have gone inquisitive trying to solve the mystery of the project Tamas and, finally, the cat is out of the bag. For the first time, we are going to see the chemistry between the gorgeous Rashami Desai and charming Adhvik Mahajan in a short film, Tamas. The first poster of the short film looks quite promising.

We got in touch with Rashami Desai and asked how she feels about her first short film, she said,

“I’m really excited for Tamas. It is my first short film and I have shot in the time of crises during the lockdown when we were facing such a difficult time. I never thought that Adhvik will be able to create something like this and I’ll get an opportunity to work with him. We have never shared a screen before but honestly, I feel he’s a very good writer and DOP because I saw my shot, without any professional set up and I loved it. The quality is amazing. For the production also, he has worked very hard and he has made this entire film for good cause and I really like the beautiful thought behind it. I agree with the story that we actually choose our other priorities over humanity. We have made this world with different thoughts, so I like the thought.”

Adhvik Mahajan’s list of talent is quite long as he has played many roles in the making of Tamas, he is the writer, director, producer, DOP and, the actor also. We got in touch with him to know how excited is he for his very first project, he stated,

“I had thought about this idea a while ago but, got the opportunity to work on it during the lockdown when certain similar issues cropped up our country on which my subject was also based. And one day I got a text from a casting team for a web project asking for my work profile but his reply was “bhai tv ka experience count nahi hoga, anything substantial in cinema or web”. That triggered something in me and I decided to make my project all by myself. I approached Rashami with the script, it was very kind of her to trust me and beleive in the project, which was really a big deal for me. She has given a personal touch to the character with her innocence. It’s been a wonderful experience working with her. I think this process made me better as a creative person and I have learnt a lot. This experience has taught me that with passion and zest you can do anything and I’m really happy that I was able to make Tamas the way I have imagined it.”

Tamas is all set to release on 7th July on a YouTube channel and has already created a buzz on social media and with the amazing marketing and the mystery. The team surely knows how to keep the audience on toes.

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