Posted on December 18, 2019 at 12:38 pm

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Adnan Khan – “Ishq Subhaan Allah has has given a reflection on what society, particularly produces.”

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In conversation with Adnan Khan

Recently I decided to interview Adnan Khan, yes you heard it right. I am referring to the charismatic, strong performer who currently stars in Zee TV’s popular serial Ishq Subhaan Allah. As an avid serial viewer, I was taken aback from a few clips I saw of his performance and thus wanted to know the guy beneath Kabir. Whilst discussing his journey Adnan reveals how he wished to become an actor, “Ever since the age of 20, I figured that a 9-5 pm job was not for me. I really had a profound interest in act advertisements. Hence, I would keep applying to different roles such as short films. This process took about 3 years and it was really difficult since I was working in Dubai at that time. But it all changed on one fine day as I was sitting in my favourite arcade, just finished gaming and sat down to eat and thought I should watch a film. So, I watched Seven Pounds since it had Will Smith in it. Usually, I would watch a film and then stop it midway. However, I actually watched the film till the end and decided that this is what I want to do, be an actor.

For those that are unaware, Adnan’s body of worked ranges across several mediums including theatre. So, I wanted to know whether these experiences helped in crafting his performances. The actor disagrees as “I don’t think I’ve worked enough for it to better me in my craft. I only did two plays and honestly speaking If I go back to doing theatre now, then only it’ll help me become better in my craft since I now know what I am looking for as an actor. Previously, theatre was simply the medium through which I was able to just get any experience.”

Adnan’s career choices have been unique. From doing several films to multiple TV projects and now Ishq Subhaan Allah, I asked him what influenced him in his career decisions? To which Adnan responded, “I’m blessed to think that you believe I have made unique career choices, but up to this point it has always been about where I am able to explore myself the most as an actor.”

Since Ishq Subhaan Allah has completed over 400 episodes and has been in the top 20 serials consistently, I asked Adnan whether he expected the show to be successful as it is. Adnan responded frankly, “No, I didn’t even think it would be close to being a success and oddly speaking, I still at times feel like it isn’t really successful but the fact that people love the pairing (refers to Kabir & Zara) convinces me that it is successful.”

Ishq Subhaan Allah launched during a time when the industry was being flooded with supernatural dramas. I wanted to know whether Ishq Subhaan Allah has changed the way men, particularly in the Muslim community are viewed? Adnan believes that his character is the “epitome of how men, especially when it comes to religion behaves. Hence this was a mirroring of society. So, no, I don’t think it has changed the perspective, but it has given a reflection on what society, particularly produces.”

Given the TV landscape is changing rapidly, I asked Adnan if there is a genre that he would wish the television industry would explore to which he responded briefly “I wish the television industry would go darker.” Well, that definitely sounds interesting, channels and PHs are you listening?

As my main objective was to know the guy beneath Kabir, I and many of Adnan’s fans have wondered what his favourite hobbies are. Adnan responds “I love reading, I am a big-time gamer, I love watching films and if you count food then I love food, especially feeding others.”

Finally, Adnan decided to give a quick message for all his fans, “Thank you for appreciating my work and loving me and continue to love me.”

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