Posted on March 16, 2019 at 6:48 pm

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Top 8 Reasons Why Ishqbaaaz is a success!

Star Plus’s popular show Ishqbaaaz concluded last night after a whopping 758 episode run. Fans trended globally using the #ShivikaKaIshqbaaaz. Here are a few reasons why Ishqbaaaz is a success and will always be remembered in our hearts.

#1 – Narrative & Writing

It goes without saying that the premise of Ishqbaaaz was strong which allowed audiences to engage with the show at a deeper level. The tracks were interconnected with one another creating a rich narrative. Furthermore, the subversion of the memory loss trope as well as the AU proved that Ishqbaaaz introduced an innovative method of storytelling.

#2 – Characters

The layered and detail characters is why the Oberoi’s were more than a work of fiction. Shivaay’s redemption is truly worth noting since it was executed immaculately. Moreover, each villain had a logical motive creating a seamless viewing experience. The use of the mythological texts and Hindu deities such as Shiv and Parvati led to the creation of complex characters.

#3 – Actors & Performance

The Steller performance of the actors is what made the show an instant hit and has surely set a benchmark in the industry. The myriad of emotions all actors portrayed is truly worth mentioning.

#4 – Chemistry & Cast Bonding

The cast bonding is the reason for the flawless chemistry which led to the amazing performance. The off-screen bonding was surely the primary catalyst for the wonderful screen presence each actor had with another.

#5 – Cinematography & Editing

Ishqbaaaz revolutionised the way Hindi Serials were perceived. Without having dramatic effects and a constant “dhumtana” in the background, the technical team created a pleasant experiance. This was primarily constructed with the use of camera shots, angles and techniques elevating the standard within the industry.

#6 – Styling & Costumes

The innovative outfits is what made the viewing experience all the more enjoyable. The use of different prints, textures and colours combined with western and eastern fashion trends elevated the standard of the serial. Svetlana and Annika’s outfits in particular changed the way with regards to how villains and protagonists should be styled.

#7 – Set Design & Aesthetics

Ishqbaaaz’s sets were unique as they didn’t follow the conventional haveli look, but instead gave a modern and classy vibe. This combined with the lighting and set decorations created the perfect aesthetics that were needed, especially during the romantic sequences. The use of drapes, flowers and ornaments is what made Ishqbaaaz a class of its own.

#8 – Online presence & Global Reach

Last but not the least, the audience played an integral part in Ishqbaaaz’s success. It is this loyal audience that kept the show on-air for nearly 3 years and played a huge part in getting the show 39+ awards. Furthermore, the show’s popularity led to the spin-off Dil Bole Oberoi which acted as a pioneer for spin-offs within the industry. To top it up, Ishqbaaaz was and still is being syndicated internationally proving that its audience is not restricted to India. By consecutively winning the AVTA and trending globally on multiple occasions, one can see that the reach Ishqbaaaz has is incredible.

Well, as all good things come to an end, so does Ishqbaaaz. We wish the actors a prosperous future and hope to see a reunion soon!

Thank you to all the fans that gave their reasons why Ishqbaaaz is their favourite show and a special thanks to @moonstruckswans for innovative points. 

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