Posted on November 20, 2018 at 12:00 pm

Indian TV

Is Star Plus entirely blameless for Ishqbaaaz’s generation leap?

Gul Khan has come under fire of late regarding the generation leap but is Star Plus entirely blameless? Star India claims that it “focuses on empowered, independent female characters – women who stand up for their identity and strike a balance between self and family.” However, this is not the case with Ishqbaaaz, one of Star Plus’s most popular shows. Gul Khan recently announced a generation leap a form of writing that is not true of Star Plus’s ethos. By implying that the only way forward for Annika is motherhood, Gul Khan does the character and the entire female empowerment movement a disservice, especially when women are contending with these exact societal restrictions and expectations on a daily basis. As a channel focused on empowerment and progressive thinking, the idea that the only story possible for Annika is either pregnancy or death gives the wrong impression. Furthermore, viewers have been offended by the timing of the leap. Gul Khan could potentially wait until Late December once the 700thepisode airs. However, as of now, it appears as if Annika will die either around the 685thepisode or the 690th. Hence the actress who is responsible for bringing the show to the 700th milestone will be missing from the proceedings while another actress will be partaking in celebrations for a show’s success that she has not rightfully earned. This results in a mockery of Star Plus’s ethos for empowering women and celebrating their success.

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