Posted on June 6, 2018 at 12:52 pm

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Gang Leader Nikhil Chinapa plunges into a pile full of Rhino manure!

Nikhil Chinapa will do anything for his gang, even if it means eating rhino manure!

 MTV Roadies Xtreme is everything that the season’s title stands for and even more! Every season has witnessed an increased level of task complexity than the previous one, but this season’s extremity remains unmatched. Talking about extreme, leader Nikhil Chinapa decides to perform a task for securing double immunity for his gang. In this show, double immunity definitely means double trouble.

The task begins with Nikhil digging with his mouth into a pile of Rhino dung, to secure 10 hidden tokens. Stage two of the task was to unlock a table with seven clues containing the names of two Bollywood films. Another gang member was to act the two names, resulting in the gang that would guess them first would win the immunity. Nikhil’s gang desperately wanted to secure immunity for member Shruti. Most importantly, Nikhil asserts “My gang is like family and if I have to eat shit for my family, I will do it and it won’t be the last time I do it.”

Eventually, Nikhil’s team wins the double immunity. In a recent Instagram post, he recognizes all of the team’s hard work into achieving this success. Additionally, he emphasizes that he is not good at a cinema, thus chose to complete the rhino dung task. It is pretty clear that here on, the journey only gets tougher – you either perform or get eliminated on the show, there’s no other way around.

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