Posted on February 14, 2018 at 3:13 am

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This is my third year in BCL, enjoy it thoroughly: Shruti Ulfat

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Actor Shruti Ulfat, who is the captain of Lucknow Nawabs in Marinating Films’ MTV BCL, is thrilled to be part of the game once again. The actor says that she has always been passionate about cricket. “I have been a sports person since my school days. I have always been a cricket fan. I was a national level basketball player and I have been a sports lover. As an actor, you don’t get to play much and MTV BCL is a chance where you get to play cricket with your other actor friends. I enjoy playing in BCL,” she says.

She adds,

My father, brother, and sister always enjoyed watching tests matches and one day matches. So coming from a sports culture, I loved sports, be it any game.

The actor has played in the last two seasons as well. “Since the last 2 years, I was a part of Delhi Dragons and this year, I am playing for Lucknow Nawabs. I am also a captain of the team,” she says.

Ask her what her responsibilities as captain will be, and she says,

As the captain, I have many responsibilities. No matter how much a single player works hard, it is always a team effort that makes you win. I have to see which player is good at what skills be it batting, bowling and give them the right place on the team. With all this I need to make sure to keep harmony and have fun playing the game as it would be an amazing journey for us.

Shruti adds that she has been preparing well for this season. “We started our practice four months back, in August 2017. But as it was postponed, we stopped the practice after one and a half months. As of now we are not started practicing again. It is difficult to shoot from 9am to 9pm, as I am working in Naamkaran, and then take out time for cricket too. But we will practice post 9pm to about 12:30 am. We cannot just start practicing suddenly as it can lead to injuries. We need to warm up well,” she says.

Not only is she interested in sports, but her son too. “My son Ojasya is a football fan and wants to be a professional football player. He is proud of me being a sports lover and is always a part of the team I play for. He thinks of me as a cool mother and is always supportive about my fitness and playing cricket. He loves watching me play,” she says.

And who is her inspiration? She adds,

I am a big MS Dhoni fan and as a captain, I have to learn a lot from him. He lets the players be themselves, very chilled out and is known as a cool captain. He is very calm and composed and a simple guy.

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