Posted on February 14, 2018 at 10:22 am

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Namish Taneja: Everything In Life Comes At A Price.

Actor Namish Taneja, believes in method acting and can go to any extent to get into the skin of the character.

Namish Taneja
Namish Taneja

Namish who is part of Star PlusIkyawann has stopped smiling. When we tried finding out the reason behind this sudden change here’s what we got to know.

As per the ongoing track of the show, Satya (Namish) has turned into an angry young man after he came to know the injustice his Phui had to go through.

A source associated with the show said,

“Namish had to look fierce and intense for a couple of episodes. To ensure that his character looks authentic on-screen, he has stopped smiling in real life. The actor has already conveyed this decision of his to his family, friends and cast & crew of his show. He refrained himself from watching the comedy shows and funny videos and also reading the forwarded jokes.”

When contacted Namish said,

“I follow method acting. And I always try to make sure to live and feel what my character is going through, whether its love, hate or anger.”

The method acting has consequences too. The actor has developed dark circles because on and off screen he has stopped smiling. He said,

“Everything in life comes at a price.”

Recently, when Namish reached the set, the director noticed the dark circles and decided to emphasize it in the show. Namish said,

“In one of the scene, my grandmother is asking me to apply turmeric on the dark circles. This was added by our director after he realized that I actually developed dark circles because of the method acting.”

Hats off to your dedication Namish.

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