Posted on February 12, 2018 at 12:50 am

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Abhishek Verma: The Dream Was To Play Cricket!

Actor Abhishek Verma, who is playing for the Chennai Swaggers owned by Sunny Leone in MTV BCL, says that he always wanted to become a cricketer. The actor says that this platform was the closest to him achieving his dream. He says,

My first dream was to become a cricketer. So, through BCL, I get to stay connected with the first thing in which I found myself.

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Talking about why he chose to be part of Chennai Swaggers, Abhishek says,

It’s not about the name of the team, I believe when you have to deal with being in a team, then you look for the best in the field. I think the foremost thing about a team is to be playing unitedly. That is the key to win any task.

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The actor says that it wasn’t tough for him to take out time for MTV BCL. “It was not really difficult. I can never be busy with the things that I prioritize. I am always free to do what is important to me and I love to do,” he says.

Abhishek says that cricket has always been important to him. He says,

Cricket has always been the most important part of my life. I’ve spent more time on the field than my home in my school years. It’s not just a game to me, it’s my way to happiness.

While he is yet to fix his practice timings, Abhishek doesn’t miss any opportunity to be on the field. “There’s no specific time for that actually but as soon as I get free from my shoot, I tend to play,” he says.

Ask him how he is working on building up his stamina and energy, and he says,

“The best way of increasing your stamina is running and doing some yoga exercises. yoga is really helpful for that.”

Meanwhile, Abhishek is also looking forward to working with the founder of MTV BCL, Anand Mishra of Marinating Films.

“He is a gem of a person and everyone loves to work with him. He is like a big brother to me and I really enjoy sharing experiences and gaining knowledge from him,”.

Himmanshoo Malhotra and Abhishek worked together last year too and the latter shares a great bond with him. He says

Himmanshoo bhaiya is another fantastic person. The way he handles and reacts to situations is impeccable. He is my favorite, I love him.

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Ask him who he loves to see on the field, and he says,

“Undoubtedly Rahul Dravid, just because he is so patient with the game. I learned a lot from him in my teenage years and I am still learning.”

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