Posted on December 23, 2017 at 3:43 pm

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Check out where TV stars will be five years from now!

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With the new year right around the corner, everyone is busy preparing their new year’s resolutions, however, our TV stars have taken it a step further and started predicting where they see themselves five years from now.

Samiksha Bhatnagar – Working hard and setting ‘SMART’ {Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-focused, and Time- bound} goals is general rules that I follow to help achieve whatever I am seeking in my career and life. I believe setting unrealistic goals should be avoided when it comes to the glamour industry. I’ve been lucky to achieve a lot of things that I dreamt of achieving as a young girl,  but, at the end of the day, I truly believe that it is not about achieving great wealth or success because they don’t bring happiness ultimately. What matters is whether or not you’ve fulfilled the idea of having led an interesting life, whether you’ve contributed in some way to the world around you. Positioning myself and building a personal brand would be one of my key goals for 201. I intend to have a personal connection with the wider community and bigger fan base because it is an important part of my personal brand and to make sure that I keep learning and keep improving to position myself appropriately.

Sshrey Pareek – I see myself in films and as an improved actor. My only key to achieve goals is to work hard toward them. I think nobody is born talented, everyone works for it.  I believe that hard work definitely beats talent, so it’s hard work towards improvement and towards my goals that will be my priority.

Sneha Wagh – I don’t plan my life anymore. Knowing myself I shall not demote in any way but five years from now I must have definitely achieved more than what I have today. I live life one day at a time.

Mohammad Nazim – In the next five years, I am looking at successfully managing TV and Film career and having the best body in the business. I also see myself promoting fitness all over the world. I do not miss the gym and I am very particular about diet too. 

Gurpreet Singh – First of all I believe in destiny and I believe in working today and giving my best in present. I don’t imagine future and believe in strenuous exertion. My hard work today will take me to better future, so let’s optically discern what destiny has kept for me after five years

Suhani Dhanki – As short-term goals, five years from now I aspire to be an actor who has explored vivid types of roles in different cinemas; travel the world, staging Bharatanatyam performances in the best of the global theaters and lastly, completing my PhD in Performing Arts – Dance under the guidance of my Guru Sandhya Tai.

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