Posted on November 8, 2017 at 6:49 am

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Vikas Gupta’s Ex-Boyfriend Parth Samthaan too was approached for Bigg Boss 11

Parth Samthaan and Vikas Gupta were part of a major controversy when Parth alleged that the Vikas molested him. It was later revealed that the duo had been in a relationship for many years. This came to light after Vikas shared some intimate photos of the two, putting the rumors to rest.

Vikas Gupta and Parth Samthaan
Vikas Gupta and Parth Samthaan

Now here’s some juicy news we got our hands on. The makers of the controversial reality show had approached Parth to be a part of the 11th edition of the show as a wild card contestant. It is heard that they were even willing to pay a huge sum of money, but Samthaan denied the offer.

Parth wants to focus on his career instead of getting embroiled in a controversy yet again. After all it’s the truth, all who enter this house get out with at least 1 more controversy than when they entered.

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