Posted on November 29, 2017 at 2:46 pm

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Miss Teen Northeast Mahika Sharma calls Hina Khan a ‘Barbie Doll’ slams, Puneesh

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Model turned actress, Mahika Sharma roots for Bigg Boss 11 contestant Hina Khan, says she is beautiful and a ‘Barbie Doll’ in the house.

Bigg Boss is a must watch reality show for me. I enjoy watching the episodes. I find Hina Khan, sweet, gorgeous and very much genuine person in the house. She is a little ‘Barbie Doll’ and I enjoy watching her,”

Adds Mahika, Miss Teen Northeast.

“It’s a fact none of us can be as good as saints all the 24*7. We have shades of gossiping, doing faults and mostly any human being tries to proof themself right. So why are we judging her. Atleast she is not that bad like ‘Swami Om‘ and yes its a game not a process of getting charecter certificate. I support Hina Khan and want her to win the show for being very much genuine,”

she added.

Furthermore she slammed Puneesh Sharma,

“I dont know on what basis he set to enter the house. With a fake identity I feel. He fakes himself to live a very wealthy or royal life. (Laughs) look the way he talks, acts, seem to be a local road side guy. I think the man should be evicted asap. I find him totally illiterate. Sapna actually deserved to be in the house. Seems Bigg Boss wanted the off light scenes so gave power to Bandagi to save her partner from eviction.”

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