Posted on November 2, 2017 at 2:30 am

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Badho Bahu stars express their emotions after the completion of 300 episodes!

‘Badho Bahu’ completed 300 episodes very recently and the stars just had to express themselves on this special occasion. Here’s what they said:

Rytasha Rathore – I feel great! It’s a huge milestone. A lot of hard work goes into making a show and I’m glad ours is doing well even after 300 episodes. I think the best thing about my show is the kind of social messages we try to send out through the story. The show is pushing the boundaries for women in rural areas.

Arhaan Khan – It feels good when your show completes 300 episodes especially in the market where nowadays shows are coming and shutting in 3 months. The best thing about the show is the “content of the show”.If you are following Badho Bahu you will know that how strong the storyline is. In today’s market of television, you can survive only if your content is strong. I would like to congratulate my producers Humtum Telefilms and Sunny Side Up for making the show very successful.

Sangeeta Panwar – I am very happy that our show Badho Bahu has completed 300 episodes and I hope that it completes not only 300 episodes but 3000 episodes. The entire team of Badho Bahu right from the technical team to our directors, producers and the spot boys is the best. It is because of them that we have reached to this level. The best part of the show is the story of the show which is very different. I am from Haryana itself so I love working on the sets.

Karmveer Choudhary – I am really happy. It is a good thing not only for us as actors but the entire team of Badho Bahu because nowadays we see that shows are getting shut down in a year. I am happier because I am a part of this wonderful show. The best part is that the story is very relatable and it is not your typical serial drama. It is a story of normal family life. It is also giving a positive message regarding a healthy body image. I am also hoping that it does not stop here and we get to do more thousand episodes. I would also like to mention our producer Dipti who is always trying to bring that uniqueness and creativity in the show which is making it even more colourful and entertaining.

Roopa Ganguly – I feel very proud of the show and my producers Dipti Kalwani, Sushant Kumar, Teenna Swayyam and the whole team. The show has a great message for girls. where sometimes television is accused of regressive thoughts due to some content. Our show always has a powerful message. I recently shot a scene where one of the characters (Vardaan) is saying about his wife’s desire to act and dance that “Abhinay aur dance se kisi ke charitra par umgli nahin uthti aur agar koi kaam kisi ko khushi de toh ismain kuch galat nahi”. I think that is a very strong message and I am very proud of it. Also now Badho’s wrestling is being supported by her in-laws is also beautiful. I am very grateful that I am a part of this team.

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