Posted on October 30, 2017 at 7:47 am

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I want a romantic role with a twist, says Shakti Arora

Actor Shakti Arora is back from Indonesia and as after is back, he seems to have dived into work. The actor has been reading scripts and contemplating on what to take on next.

“I came from Indonesia two weeks back, and the roles I’m searching for is, of course, romantic but with a new twist. Something which I haven’t played yet. It can be a negative lead role as well. I don’t mind as far as he is the hero,” he says.

Shakti Arora has always been known for his boyish looks, and this seems to have worked for him.

“I feel looks are a bonus but good acting is compulsory. I feel being boyish is an advantage for me because I can play both matured and boyish roles and can be part of the younger lot for a longer time,” he says.

Ask him what is the secret behind his looks, and he says,

“There’s no secret as such. Being an actor, it’s mandatory to have a good diet and regular workouts. I think everyone can look younger for a longer period of time if they eat well.”

As far as reality shows are concerned, Bigg Boss is certainly not an option for an actor as of now.

“I will do someday. But as of now, I don’t think is the right time,” he says.

Shakti has been part of the industry for a while and has observed many changes.

“Technology-wise, there are a lot of changes in the television industry. But acting wise, we are lagging behind. The same old style of acting is being adopted till now. There are some youth channels which are breaking that old formula as well as some web series. I feel that trend should soon start in GEC networks too,” he says.

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