Posted on September 1, 2017 at 6:33 pm

Indian TV

Shardul Pandit and Ankita Bhargava take a stand for the women of India!

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A celebrities life isn’t always about the glitz and glamour. With the great power of being a public figure comes the responsibility of bringing forth change. While most public figures steer clear of the controversies created by voicing their opinion, Shardul Pandit has always used his influence as a public figure to stir young minds and bring a positive change in the world.

Shardul Pandit and Ankita Bhargava take a stand for the women of India!

In a recent video Shardul, along with good friend and television actor Ankita Bhargava, spoke about various issues women face in India. The video was a reaction to a recent incident whereby a women was beaten mercilessly by an alleged cop for speaking to her boyfriend on the phone and the sensational issue of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s 20 year sentence for raping his followers in the guise of religon. While some see this as cultural deviance, the truth is that a man beat a woman for absolutely no reason. The argument is that law enforcement was taking action but why was action necessary when no crime was being committed. This is one of many incidents which occur in India on a daily basis and the need of the hour is social improvement. Kudos to Shardul and Ankita for voicing that much needed change.

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