Posted on June 9, 2017 at 6:21 am

Indian TV

Vikram Sharma On Recent Farmer Deaths: It Is Just Sad That Farmers Are Treated Like This

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Reports about five farmers getting shot while protesting in Madhya Pradesh has taken the entire country by shock. Actor Vikram Sharma, who comes from a small village in Sultanpur, Madhya Pradesh, has been deeply disturbed by this tragedy.


Vikram said:

“It is a black day. Most of the farmers are very simple and it is because of them that we are blessed with crops. They are already facing a lot of problems – climate change, early monsoons, loss in rates – and all they wanted was some help and support from the government. This is what they got in return. I have no words to describe their pain. We should be ashamed.”

The government has fixed a remuneration amount that will be given to their families. However, Vikram says that’s not enough.


He further added:

“That amount is not equal to the lives of those poor farmers. Our country is known for its agricultural base and it is just sad that farmers are treated like this. They are not even provided with proper facilities. This is a sign of a system breakdown. Our government should pay attention to the call of these farmers. Their needs are very small, but these will make life much easier for them.”

Vikram plays the role of Sugreev in Sony TV’sSankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman’.

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