Posted on June 16, 2017 at 9:24 am

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Shakti Arora's Got The Best Lips And Beard On Television, Say Fans

Actor Shakti Arora was recently awarded the title of the actor with the best lips and best beard by his fans. Shakti, who is currently in Indonesia, says he often feels overwhelmed by the love of his fans.

“I was nominated for the best beard and best lips awards and through public voting I won both of them. It’s a great feeling to know that you are loved so much by your fans. We are what they make us. I also want to thank my parents because they are the ones who have created me, so I feel blessed,”

said Shakti.

Talking about fan encounters in Indonesia, Shakti says they have welcomed him so warmly there.

“My fans here have always waited for me to come and since I am here finally, their love has been increasing every day and so has the number of fans. Two of my shows are running here – Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi and my Indonesian show Pesbukers,”

he says.

Talking about what his fans mean to him, Shakti says that they motivate him to perform better every day.

“My fans are my oxygen and I just can’t live without them. They are my strength and my motivation to keep going. The love that I receive from them is immense. Sometimes I feel do I really deserve this? They make me feel like a God and I know that it’s my duty to live up to their expectations. So I try to do my best in everything just to make them happy,”

he says.

One fan incident really touched Shakti‘s heart. Talking about it, he says,

“One girl came running towards me while I was looking somewhere else and she hugged me so tightly that I was about to fall. Then I realized that she was crying so much because she wanted to meet me and she had been waiting since many hours. The security guys tried to push her away but she kept crying and started fighting with them saying that all she wanted was a picture with me. I got clicked with her. I was so touched by her love and adulation for me.”

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