Posted on June 9, 2017 at 7:01 am

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Kunal Bakshi: People Hate My Onscreen Character Indra Because I Am Always Troubling Shani

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Actor Kunal Bakshi, who is currently seen as Indradev in Siddharth Kumar Teway’s ‘Karamphaldata Shani’, is loving being part of the show. The actor talks about what he enjoys in his character, his fan encounters and his recent visit to Shani-Shingnapur temple.

  1. You recently visited the Shani-Shingnapur temple. How was the experience? You were also felicitated by the people there. Tell us about it.
  • Visiting Shani-Singnapur is always a heavenly experience. I truly believe in Lord Shani. I went to Shani-Singnapur after signing my show Karmphaldata Shani and it is because of Lord Shani’s blessings, that we are one of the top shows right now. This time I had gone there with my family. I never take VIP passes, because for god, we are all the same. After the darshan, when I was coming out, people started taking pictures and selfies with me. The trust people and people from the PRO office took me to their office to meet everyone. They were so happy to see me and even felicitated me with a shawl. They said they have never missed even a single episode of the show. If they miss while on work, they watch it online on this app called Voot. I was so proud of how well the show is doing.

  1. Was this one of your first visits to the temple?
  • I have been to the temple before and I love coming here. It helps me relax and gives me hope for the future. I always pray for everyone’s well being, good health and inner peace.


  1. What feedback are you getting for your role of Indra in the show?
  • People hate my onscreen character Indra because I am always troubling Shani, but everyone is loving my acting, looks and dialogues. The whole point of them hating my character means that I am making an impact with my acting. From the watchman of my building to my spot boy and the people on roads and at traffic signals, they see me and start saying my dialogues. That is such a sweet thing to do and I am loving it.


  1. How is it working with Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Swastik Productions?
  • Working with Swastik Productions is like working with your family. Both Siddharth sir and Rahul sir are like my elder brothers. Siddharth sir is so intelligent and creative. He is a perfectionist in the true sense. He gives me full liberty to play Indra as I want to. Rahul sir keeps asking me and all other actors about the shoot is going and we are facing any challenged on the sets.


  1. You celebrated your birthday on 6th June. How did your birthday celebrations go? Did you celebrate on the sets of Shani?
  • Yes, I celebrated my birthday on the sets of my show because that is the best way to celebrate. I call the cast and crew my second family. I am a workaholic and I enjoy being on the sets as I love my work. I celebrated the day with my entire unit, my directors, cameramen, production people, makeup team, costume team, spot boys, as well as my co-actors. In fact, my mom also joined us on the sets.


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