Posted on May 3, 2017 at 11:49 am

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TV Stars Talk About The Fairness Cream Controversy

With Abhay Deol strongly reacting to film stars doing fairness cream advertisements, the issue has become a talking point. So we asked a few of our opinionated and well-informed TV stars on whether they have used a fairness cream, what they feel about Abhay’s rant and if they would ever endorse a fairness cream. Here’s what they had to say…


Arjun Bijlani:



No, I have never used fairness creams and never felt the need to do so either. But I do agree that discrimination based on skin color happens a lot around the world, and it must stop.


Divayajyotee Sharna:

Yes I have used various creams as a teenager but I don’t do it anymore since I have come out of my teens. But I would not mind endorsing fairness creams, as it’s my job as an actress to portray any brand, especially when it comes to beauty products.


Ankit Bathla:

I haven’t used a fairness product ever and I don’t think fairness has got anything to do with beauty. I trust the home remedies to cleanse and refresh my skin


Jyotsna Chandola:

I haven’t used any fairness cream because I never felt the need to. But when it comes to endorsing them, I’ll say why not? I’m not giving any wrong opinion. It’s not going to harm anyone, so there’s nothing wrong in endorsing them I feel.


Shardul Pandit:

I have lived abroad and have always answered to the West when I was questioned whether I was Indian. They thought I was too fair to be an Indian. Honestly speaking, the hoopla around being fair is plain crap. However, it is true that not just Indians, but the whole world is obsessed with fairness and light skin. Like them, when I was a kid I too wanted to be fair. I was unaware of the racism angle of it. Now if you ask me I am very comfortable with my skin. In fact, brown is ruling the world — look at Deepika or Priyanka. But the whole Abhay Deol issue is also over rated. No one really buys creams thinking they will become as fair as the celebs. If I was asked to endorse them, I will take them up as a professional commitment. If someone is paying crores of rupees to endorse and people are naive enough to blindly follow, whose fault is it?


Rashami Desai:

Yes I have used fairness cream. But then I am more into using natural, homemade remedies rather than using these creams. As far as endorsing them is concerned, I will decide when the situation arises.



Ankit Gera:

Yes I use it every day and I will endorse a fairness cream. The reason is that we use creams in several different ways. We shouldn’t be over reacting to everything. It’s not that easy to influence everyone. At the end of the day, people use what they want to.


Mrunal Jain:

I have used fairness cream in teenage like every teenager uses at one point of time. But personally I like rustic look. I am naturally fair thanks to my father’s genesOne should be beautiful from within and that is what counts. I would surely endorse a fairness cream if I am offered.

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