Posted on May 10, 2017 at 12:56 pm

Indian TV

It's Family Time For Shardul ‘Kuldeepak’ Pandit!

Actor Shardul Pandit the main lead of ‘Kuldeepak’ on & TV is on cloud nine these days as his parents are in town and he is getting to spend some quality time with them after a long time.

Speaking on them Shardul said:

“My parents stay in my home town Indore. They came here for few days. Unfortunately I was not able to take them out much owing to my crazy shooting schedules. That is how our lives are when working with daily soaps. I just managed to take them to Mount Mary Church. We also went to see the film ‘Bahubali’ and then I took them out for dinner on their wedding anniversary.”

When asked what his parents said about his role in ‘Kuldeepak’, the actor said:

 “My parents are thrilled. They watch every episode and also give me feedback on the good and the bad points of my performance.”

Shardul also adds:

“My mother had been my role model. Every time I am at a crossroad, she boosts me up. She keeps me going.”

Well Shardul Life is all about loving your family!

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