Posted on May 10, 2017 at 7:41 am

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Here Is How TV Stars Beat The Heat!

With the heat wave in Mumbai surging, people are trying to do all that they can to keep themselves cool. And why not, it’s especially important to do so, considering a hydrated body is a healthy body. And no one does it better than TV stars, who have to fight a hectic schedule to beat the heat. Here’s how they’re keeping it cool this summer…


Ankit Gera: 


I drink coconut water. I also consume Electral and have lots and lots of water to keep myself hydrated. Another thing I do is avoid wearing black clothes, as they do not reflect sun light and make me really uncomfortable during summers.


Shashank Vyas:

I make sure I drink a lot of coconut water daily. Besides that, my driver makes sure to keep chaas available to me at all times as it is a great natural way to keep your body temperature cool and be healthy.


Vahbiz Dorabjee: 


During summers, I make sure I take two to three baths a day! Also, I have a lot of curd and a lot of water to keep myself hydrated.


Amal Sehrawat: 


Well, I have a rather unique way to deal with the summers, and believe it or not, it definitely works for me. So, I keep my mind cool by staying away from negativity. For my body, I keep it cool by drinking a lot of water.


Ridheema Tiwari: 


I start my day by drinking with coconut water which is a natural diuretic and is very good enough to flush toxins which generate heat in the body. I also have a lot of fruits and vegetables. To replace the lost vitamin C in the body because of sweat, I sip on Nimbu Pani in the day which keeps me hydrated.


Mohammad Nazim: 


The best way to beat the heat, according to me is by drinking Lassi, coconut water, lemon juice, eating salads and drinking three to four litres of waters every day. Besides that, I wear light shades of clothes, so that my body can breathe and I feel comfortable.


Ssharad Malhotra: 


Keeping it cool in the summers is easy. I recommend thinking coolly, eating cool, drinking cool and staying indoors as much as possible! I try and have a lot of liquids during the day. I start my day with fresh coconut water; have lots of fruits during the day. Also, during summers I make sure to reduce my intake of oily and junk food. I also wear more cotton clothes that are light and easy on the body.


Divyajyotee Sharma:

No matter how tired I am or how hectic my work schedule has been, I make it a point to drink coconut water daily. Also, I take a bath twice daily, so that I feel fresh, relaxed and cool during such a punishing summer!


Rohan Gandotra:


I make sure whenever I step out I keep myself covered to avoid tan and those deadly sun rays. And I just carry cold water bottle every time and have kept a small fridge in my car to keep it cold.


Ramman Handa: 


As a kid I have been following this one pattern of diet which has helped me keep my body temperature cool during summers. I drink a lot of chaas and have fresh watermelon juice. Also, I like to wear materials like linen and cotton in light shades. That helps me stay cool and helps my body breathe!


 Rajshri Rani:

I think one should drink lime juice to stay hydrated and coconut water a day. One should use sunscreen as well.


Pooja Banerjee:


I do drink coconut water every day and take a lot of fluids like lassi, lemon juice, and fruit juices and take more rice instead of roti and on off days I go for swimming.

Sara Arfeen Khan

I drink electrol 2-3 times a day and keep myself dehydrated throughout the day. I also eat fresh fruit like watermelon in summers.

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