Posted on November 19, 2023 at 11:51 pm

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Shekhar Kapur takes the stage, unravelling myth and creativity at an event in Singapore

Renowned Indian filmmaker Shekhar Kapur took the stage at the 1880 Dream Catchers event on November 10th, within the prestigious Singapore Fintech Festival.

Photo courtesy Shekhar team
Photo courtesy Shekhar team

His session, “Rebellion and Creativity in Myth Making”. It was co-presented with renowned banker Piyush Gupta.

This event, which brought together innovative financial technologies and Artificial Intelligence, acted as a catalyst for collaboration by showcasing advancements and exploring AI’s transformative potential in finance.


The festival served as a meeting place for industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and AI innovators. Emphasising the critical role of AI in reshaping finance and fostering a forward-thinking ecosystem of innovation. It was an honour for Shekhar Kapur to share his knowledge.


Kapur, a maverick who is lauded for his innovative work in both Bollywood and Hollywood. It opened a window into his world by sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience.


The event, titled “Rebellion and Creativity in Myth Making”. Highlighted Shekhar Kapur’s skill in storytelling and his preference for narratives that defy norms.

The director also spoke about The film’s director, imparting some of his knowledge, expressed, “I stepped away from my accounting career to embrace a journey of self-discovery, to wander and wonder. I believe that as long as we keep searching, we’re truly alive.


Amidst chaos and panic, I’ve found that truth has a way of surfacing; rebellion becomes the catalyst for change. Whenever doubt creeps in, I turn to the universe—it’s in the cosmic unknown that I often find the answers I seek. Life’s a continuous exploration, and every twist and turn adds a new dimension to the adventure.”

Shekhar Kapur’s long and successful career, which includes movies like “Elizabeth,” “Mr. India,” “Bandit Queen,” and “Masoom”. It is a canvas for the important ideas he shared.

His participation in the event provided a window into the evolution of his storytelling prowess and the ebbs and flows of his creative journey.

Kapur’s profound grasp of cinematic myth-making left the audience not only inspired but also enriched by his wisdom.

Currently immersed in his upcoming project, “Masoom… The New Generation,” anticipation among fans. It is palpable as they eagerly await the opportunity to be captivated by yet another of his cinematic masterpieces.

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