Posted on November 14, 2023 at 5:29 am

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Mrunal Thakur says ‘Pippa’ gave her as a female actor a rare role for a woman to be a pivotal part of a war drama

One of the most versatile performers Mrunal Thakur is set to impress everyone with her compelling performance in the film Pippa. It is based on the critically acclaimed novel “The Burning Chaffees.”

Photo courtesy Mrunal team
Photo courtesy Mrunal team

In this groundbreaking war drama released on Prime Video today, Thakur takes on the role of Radha. A medical student and cryptographer, who becomes an essential part of the war effort alongside her siblings.

Pippa tells the gripping and emotional tale of three siblings who, despite being in different roles. It come together with unwavering unity to support each other during a time of war.

Unlike conventional war films in Hindi cinema, where female characters are often relegated to the sidelines. Pippa offers a refreshing perspective by portraying Radha as a proactive and indispensable force on the front lines.

Radha’s character breaks free from the stereotypes. As she actively participates in the war, utilizing her cryptography skills to make real-time contributions to the battlefield.

For Mrunal Thakur, Pippa holds a special place in her heart. The actress was instantly captivated by the script, which offered her the opportunity to portray a strong, intelligent, and resourceful woman who plays a pivotal role in the war narrative.

Thakur expressed her excitement about being a part of a film where a female character is given a well-defined arc, challenging the traditional gender norms seen in war dramas.


In discussing her role, Mrunal Thakur shared,

“Radha is a character close to my heart. She represents the resilience and strength of women, not just emotionally, but also intellectually. It was refreshing to see a female character actively involved in the war effort, making significant contributions through her expertise in cryptography. Pippa showcases a different perspective, and I am honored to bring Radha’s story to life”.

Pippa, directed by Raja Menon has a powerful narrative, coupled with Mrunal Thakur’s stellar performance.

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